Tips to Help Engineering Students Set the Foundation for Career Success

Suggested Actions to Enhance Career Opportunities for Engineering Students

FOUNDATION FOR CAREER SUCCESSWhen students begin their first year of university studies, their minds and hearts may be conflicted with inconsistent feelings of apprehension and anticipation. For the majority, post-secondary institutions represent an entirely new world so to speak, an environment that can be overwhelming, at least during their first few weeks on campus; at the same time, they are now focusing their education on a particular area of interest so they might already have aspirations about the type of job they would like to land upon graduation.

However, as they approach the completion of their specific program, they start to realize that finding a job in their chosen field is not as easy as they thought or were perhaps led to believe by a high school guidance counsellor. Additionally, they have likely developed an appreciation for the level of competition they will face in their job search – and that is just from their own classmates, let alone any/all other schools that offer degrees in the same area of discipline

While this is true in a majority of fields, it can be particularly challenging for engineering students. Recently published data suggests that roughly 10% of all students who attend a university plan to concentrate on obtaining their engineering degree and subsequently pursuing a career in this field; while some will undoubtedly switch streams or leave their programs altogether, the number who will ultimately complete their degree can be quite staggering.

So what can engineering students do, throughout the course of their studies, to get a leg up on the competition, as the saying goes, when the time comes to embark on a career?

Based on 45 years of success in placing qualified engineering students with a wide range of employers that require such talent, the recruitment professionals at Winters Technical Staffing offer the following suggestions to help engineering students in fast-tracking their paths to successful careers:

  • Build a network of contacts – alumni, lecturers, associations
  • Establish an online/social media profile – LinkedIn, Instagram
  • Develop a portfolio – participate in numerous hands-on projects
  • Identify role models and emulate their redeeming qualities/traits
  • Gain experience with working in teams (sports, volunteer groups)
  • Seek opportunities to assume leadership roles and responsibilities
  • Get feedback on developing communication and interpersonal skills
  • Obtain practical work experience during the summer or co-op terms
  • Expand areas of study – e.g.: business, literature, computer science
  • Develop some proficiency (read, write, and speak) in other languages

By embracing and implementing a plan that includes such activities and resourcefulness, engineering students can augment their career prospects and open the doors to landing major roles in Canada, North America, or around the world.

A Staffing Agency Can Support Engineering Students in Launching Their Careers

Align Your Job Search EffortsAcquiring an entry-level position upon the completion of a post-secondary degree can be a formidable task for graduates, and the engineering field is no exception. While some students may have the luxury of returning to a summer or co-op job on a full-time basis, the vast majority may need to create their own breakthroughs, in a manner of speaking.

When confronted by the latter circumstance, engineering students may find it beneficial to align their job search efforts with the experience and resources offered by the experts from Winters Technical Staffing. As a leading recruiter in the engineering field for over 40 years, Winters Technical Staffing consultants have established an extensive network of contacts with hiring managers/employers throughout this sector and consequently will often have access to job opportunities that may not be publicly advertised/posted; hence this can widen the range of employment prospects beyond that available to engineering students looking to launch their careers on their own.

Moreover, these working relationships can provide access to apprenticeship opportunities that could be ideal situations for recently-graduated engineering students to obtain some practical work experience while simultaneously demonstrating their knowledge and skills to a prospective employer.

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