Tips for Making a Positive First Impression with a Recruiter

Important Tips for Job Seekers When Meeting Their Recruiter for the First Time

By its definition, a first impression represents the mental image that one individual forms when meeting another person that they have not met previously. These encounters can leave lasting psychological perceptions, either positive or negative, and may be based on a wide range of characteristics/traits including but not limited to:


  • Age
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Posture
  • Hygiene
  • Appearance
  • Voice Quality

Most people will undoubtedly be aware of the importance of making a good/great/strong first impression; this advice is often associated with such initial encounters as interviews, cold-calls on potential customers, first dates, and meeting the parents of a boyfriend or girlfriend for the first time.

Sometimes however, despite the potential benefits/positives that may come from these types of interactions, they unfortunately do not unfold well; whether due to nervousness, insecurity, over-confidence, or a lack of decorum, people have squandered opportunities by making poor first impressions and subsequently being unable to salvage the situation or relationship.

As noted above, one of the more common yet critically significant circumstances in which individuals need to make a first impression is a job interview. But at the risk of sounding too elementary, one needs to be granted an interview before they can make any type of impression; and this is where they can benefit from the services provided by a recruiting firm such as Winters Technical Staffing.

The professional recruiting consultants from Winters Technical Staffing can be valuable resources to job seekers in terms of helping the latter secure interviews with prospective employers. However, taking this back a step, would it not make sense that a job hunter needs to create a positive first impression with the recruiter too?  Would this not provide the recruiter with direct evidence of how the candidate will present themselves during an interview?

These are in essence rhetorical questions, merely posed to make a point. Consequently, for individuals seeking employment in such technical fields as aerospace, manufacturing, electronics, and engineering, among others, here are 12 suggestions to help candidates make a good first impression with the recruiting specialists at Winters Technical Staffing:

  • Be on time (arrive early)
  • Practice proper grooming
  • Dress in professional attire
  • Turn off any mobile devices
  • Extend firm handshakes to one and all
  • Make direct eye contact in all interactions
  • Listen attentively; avoid interrupting/interjecting
  • Sit and stand with an upright and confident posture
  • Speak clearly; demonstrate enthusiasm in tone of voice
  • Be positive; avoid criticizing past employers or supervisors
  • Prepare thoroughly; be able to articulate questions, goals, etc.
  • Do not be afraid to smile or engage in casual conversation (small talk)

Although these tips fundamentally fall under the category of common sense, it does not hurt to bring these respectful and courteous behaviours to the forefront when preparing to meet any individuals for the first time; especially the experts in technical recruiting at Winters Technical Staffing, who can be particularly helpful and effective in directing one’s job hunting efforts to a successful conclusion.

After all, there is a substantial element of truth to the common belief that people do not get a second chance to make a first impression.

Our Recruiting Staff Can Help Job Hunters Confirm and Prepare for Interviews

Individuals looking for employment are probably familiar with the amount of time, effort, and frustration that can constitute a job search. By aligning their search efforts with the services offered by the technical recruiting specialists from Winters Technical Staffing in Toronto, candidates can consolidate that time and effort, in turn minimizing some of the emotional strain that is often associated with a self-directed endeavour.

The Winters Technical Staffing recruiting specialists can aid job seekers in these ways:

Placement Specialist

  • Identifying viable job opportunities
  • Aligning skills with specific positions
  • Drafting suitable resumes/cover letters
  • Coaching and preparations for interviews
  • Setting interviews with potential employers
  • Compensation negotiations if/when applicable
  • Guidance on appropriate follow-up communication

Candidates who are currently seeking entry-level employment or looking to make a job change may find it beneficial to capitalize on the knowledge and guidance offered by the professional consultants at Winters Technical Staffing, a leading recruiting agency in the Toronto area for more than 40 years. To contact a Winters Technical Staffing placement specialist, please go to

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