The Differential Factors Between Staffing And Recruitment Agencies

Very often, individuals seeking employment as well as those responsible for hiring within an organization will refer to recruitment agencies and temporary staffing agencies on an interchangeable level. Since the ultimate goal of using these agency staffing services is to either fill or find employment opportunities, it is easy to see how one term might be used in place of the other.

In fact, while a recruitment agency and a staffing agency serve this fundamental need for both job seekers and hirers, there are significant differences between these agencies in terms of:

  1. The process of identifying potential candidates
  2. The types of positions for which they are used
  3. The manner in which they obtain their fees
  4. The way that successful candidates are employed/managed

More explicitly, the differential factors between recruitment and staffing agencies are:

Recruitment Agencies

  1. Are primarily utilized to recruit for full-time or permanent positions
  2. Advertise on behalf of the employer for a specifically defined role
  3. Screen resumes and interview qualified candidates
  4. Develop a short-list of candidates for final interviews with the employer
  5. Are paid a flat fee or a percentage of the successful candidate’s annual salary

Staffing Agencies

  1. Used to fill temporary, part-time, contract, seasonal, or project-based roles
  2. Are given a specific outline of the skills and experience needed by the hirer
  3. Maintain a pool of candidates from which a qualified candidate is selected
  4. Are the actual employer of the candidate placed with the hiring company
  5. Receive a fee from the hirer and pay a portion of that fee to the candidate

Based on your particular hiring needs and practices, recruitment agencies and staffing agencies offer some distinct yet substantial benefits to your organization in general and to your human resources/hiring staff in particular.

The Differential Advantages Of Recruitment Agencies And Staffing Agencies

It is widely accepted that hiring, regardless of company/staff size, can be a costly process. In this instance, cost can be defined by any combination of dollars, time, and lost productivity, with the latter pertaining to effort directed away from other daily tasks and responsibilities by the hiring manager/team as well as the impact of the vacant position(s) on company processes and revenues.

For these reasons, and in alignment with your hiring requirements and policies, there are many advantages to using the services of a recruitment or staffing agency:

Advantages Of Using Recruitment Agencies

  1. Handle all logistics – advertising, resume screening, initial interviews, references
  2. Access to multiple advertising streams including internet, social media, and print
  3. Time saved – human resources staff can continue to focus on daily responsibilities
  4. Provide better and broader access to talent that is currently working elsewhere
  5. Short-list increases the probability of making a more confident final hiring decision
  6. May offer a guarantee/rebate period should new employee not meet expectations

Advantages Of Using Temporary Staffing Agencies

  1. Access to a large pool of candidates who are available on an immediate basis
  2. Access to candidates with skills/experience specific to employer industry/market
  3. Employer can assess the performance of the candidate without any commitment
  4. Opportunity may be available to transition the candidate to a full-time employee
  5. Cost savings – payroll processing and benefits administration handled externally
  6. No costs incurred for dismissal/termination and replacement staff readily available

Fundamentally, the decision to work with a recruitment agency or a temporary staffing agency is based on the common objective of hiring qualified employees in a short period of time. Based on their respective areas of specialization and emphasis, in conjunction with your employee needs and preferences, recruitment agencies and temporary staffing agencies can offer a wide range of advantages and benefits to your human resources group/hiring team.

If you are responsible for human resources and/or recruitment within your organization and are in need of a temporary staffing agency in Toronto to fill your current or future staffing requirements, call Winters Technical Staffing today at 1-877-495-7422 to discuss how we can make your hiring process more efficient.

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