Temp Agency Explains Why Hiring Seasonal Staff Is A Viable Option

A range of agency staffing services in Toronto are available for companies looking for the best opportunities in the seasonal hire market.

Holiday season starts early as companies rush to fully stock their shelves and get ready for the surge in business activity. Lots of preparations are done for the season from advertising to hiring contract staff. With the spike in business, it is affordable and cost-effective to turn to temp agencies that provide short-term staff. Even though unemployment is still an issue, companies reportedly have a hard time finding suitable candidates during these times.

Retail has always shown a spike in hiring during holiday season. The recruitment numbers are up this year compared to the previous years with companies in information technology, financial services and shipping expected to hire many more seasonal workers. Job seekers will do well to broaden their focus from just retail into the corporate world for better opportunities.

Trends In The Job Market

While some businesses have already filled their temporary positions for the upcoming holiday season, others have yet to determine how many more they will need to recruit. Some retailers do not specify numbers and the status (seasonal/full-time) required. This makes it difficult to get a precise estimate of the seasonal job market.

Some employers prefer re-hiring the same people they employed last year. And very often, these employers prefer students rather than experienced professionals. They can hire them for less and typically, get more done from these eager to learn, enthusiastic employees.

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