Responsibility For Forklift Safety Is Shared By The Operator And Their Employer

Forklift Operator RecruiterAlthough driving a forklift may seem relatively straightforward to the outside observer, this lifting device can pose an extreme danger to health and safety if left in the hands of an unskilled operator.

There is a sizeable amount of responsibility associated with operating a forklift – for the safety of the operator and nearby employees, and for the integrity of the merchandise being transported. As a result, compliance guidelines are in place within Ontario for both forklift operator jobs training and workplace safety wherever these devices are used.

Forklift operator training should address several pertinent and fundamental elements:

  • Standard forklift operating procedures
  • General workplace safety practices
  • Maintenance and repair procedures
  • Load capacities, speed limits, turning radii
  • Recognizing/handling hazardous materials
  • Proper parking/securing of unattended vehicles

From the standpoint of workplace safety, employers are responsible for the following in terms of protecting their forklift operators and nearby employees/pedestrian traffic:

  • Establishing specific foot traffic policies
  • Awareness training for non-forklift operators
  • Adhering to forklift maintenance schedules
  • Appropriate device selection for their goods/business
  • Availability of competent trainers for new operators
  • Competent signalers and appropriate signage
  • A safe and easily-maneuverable facility design

Due to the skill and experience required to safely operate a forklift, employers will often prefer to hire qualified individuals who can very quickly and competently move into these important roles for their companies. As a result, they will frequently utilize the services of a forklift operator recruiter such as Winters Technical Staffing to identify talent on their behalf in this area of specialization.

A Forklift Operator Recruiter Can Be A Valued Asset In Your Job Search

When an employer is looking to fill a forklift operator position, it can place a major strain on productivity until the open position is filled. Since only qualified or certified personnel can assume this responsibility, a vacancy can result in a number of delays or scheduling issues for the company.

Although the company realizes the importance of filling this role quickly, it may not have the time and/or resources to find a qualified successor – and a poor hiring decision made in haste can have even further damaging effects to the business.

For such reasons, employers turn to the expertise of a forklift operator recruiter to fill that job opening quickly and with quality talent. This in turn makes the recruiter a valued asset/resource for those seeking forklift operator jobs.

By collaborating with a forklift recruiter like Winters Technical Staffing, candidates can be assured that all efforts will be made to match their explicit skills and experience with the identified requirements of the hiring companies, which may include:

  • Years of forklift operator experience
  • Type of forklift experience – gas, diesel, electric
  • Industry experience – shipping, manufacturing, retail, etc.
  • Specific training, accreditations, licenses, permits
  • Special skills – working with cranes/booms, hazardous materials
  • Versatility – experience working indoors and/or outdoors

Such dedicated and targeted recruitment services can help expedite the hiring process for both the candidate and the employer, and thereby satisfactorily address the sense of urgency that likely exists for both parties as well.

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