Recruitment Agencies In Toronto Must Be Mindful Of Possible Shortfalls

Toronto Recruitment AgenciesDespite its overall strong post-secondary education rates, Canada is exhibiting signs of deficiency in producing graduates with expertise in the critical skills needed to maintain and strengthen the country’s economic performance. Toronto staffing agencies providing services, particularly those in the technical recruitment sector, must be mindful of such potential shortfalls of skills relative to employer expectations when viable/qualified candidates are being sought.

Recently-published reports suggest that more than 50% of the Canadian populace hold a post-secondary degree or diploma, while another 12% have trade certificates. However, these reports also indicate that Canadian adults are demonstrating less proficiency than their international peers in the critical skill areas of:

  • Literacy/reading
  • Written/oral communication
  • Numeracy/mathematics
  • Problem-solving

In addition, there has been a noticeably stagnant Canadian graduation rate in several key areas of study, plus a corresponding reduction in the number of graduates or candidates pursuing advanced degrees in these disciplines, which specifically include:

  • Engineering
  • Life sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Computer sciences
  • Information technology

This less-than-optimal trending in Canadian post-secondary education statistics is posing an interesting and challenging dilemma for both employers and recruitment agencies in Toronto.

Employers in need of staff with educational backgrounds in any of the above disciplines are calling upon the services of technical recruitment agencies, such as Winters Technical Staffing, to identify viable candidates who can in turn deliver improvements in productivity and innovation in order that their companies may remain competitive. However, due to the deficiencies, declines, and/or stagnant trends identified above, the scope of qualified candidates available to recruitment agencies and/or employers in the Toronto area may be dwindling.

To further complicate matters, adult learning forums in Canada have also exhibited some unsettling trends in recent years:

  • Overall opportunities for skills development are being limited or declining
  • Fewer Canadians partake in job-related training than those in other countries
  • Canadian employer spending on training is down 40% in the last 20 years

On the positive side, participation in apprenticeship programs has increased dramatically over that same 20-year period. This is tempered by the fact that completion rates for these apprenticeships do not align with participation rates – it is also important to realize that the scope of these apprenticeships may not necessarily be addressing the workplace needs/disciplines identified above.

Winters Technical Staffing maintains a keen awareness of the latest trends in post-secondary education and adult education can prove to be a valuable asset to those seeking employment in the technical sector. Their knowledge and understanding of the qualifications and skills required by such employers allows these technical recruitment agencies to help candidates position themselves for the best possible success in their job search.

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