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The proliferation of electronic technology has undeniablyinfluenced the way that people communicate and how businesses operate on a daily basis.  In what seems like the span of a just few short years (it has actually been longer in the making) vocabulary such as pay telephone, mail a letter, and write a cheque have been replaced by commonly used expressions like texting, e-mail attachment, and online banking – and this does not take into account newly-coined terms that include tweet, blog, app, e-tailer, and social media.

ws-post-1It should then come as little surprise thatadvances intechnology havealtered the way that people look for new jobs.  Scouring newspapers and trade magazines for postings and then sending out resumes one at a time has become a secondary method to finding work than the more expedient and resourceful use of online and wireless technology.

Technology has also significantly modified how employers search for new talent.  One of the more routinely used and accepted mediums in this regard is an online service known as LinkedIn.  Launched in 2003, LinkedIn can be described as a social networking service oriented toward business professionals, and it currently boasts more than 350 million members who have uploaded their online resume/profile to this network.

LinkedIn provides job seekers with an opportunity toconnect with or be contacted by the following individuals or groups, on essentially a worldwide basis:

  • Industry peers
  • Hiring managers
  • Previous clientele
  • Former colleagues
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Professional associations

Therefore, due to the popularity and the scope of LinkedIn, it is vitally important that job seekers create and maintain their profile on this network.  Some of the specific benefits to utilizingLinkedIn will include, in no particular order:

  • Self-branding – describing skills and potential to a global audience
  • Opportunities for building and cultivating professional relationships
  • Access to current and applicable news about industries/companies
  • Researching and collecting information on targeted jobs/employers
  • Demonstrating a proficiency with technology to potential employers
  • Learning about job opportunities that may not be advertised publicly
  • Creating a means to ‘be found’ by employment/recruitment agencies

Generating and posting a LinkedIn profile is a must for any individual seeking a new job or looking to make a career change.  However, simply posting a profile is not enough; it is imperative that the profile contain appropriate information that best represents a job seeker and that the information be reviewed/updated accordingly throughout the search process.

Individuals looking for professional advice on the creation and maintenance of a LinkedIn profile are encouraged to align this and other job search activities with the services of a reputable employment agency such as Winters Technical Staffing in Toronto.

Toronto Recruitment Agencies Use LinkedIn as a Resource to FindCandidates

It is important to note that the use of LinkedIn should not be restricted to times when an individual is looking for a new job or a career change.  Maintaining and updated a profile on a consistent basis should a regular part of managing one’s career even if/when they are happily and gainfully employed.

It is knownand accepted that consultants from recruitment agencies, such as Winters Technical Staffing in Toronto,are using LinkedIn as a resource to identify candidates for positionsthat they may need to fill now or in the future.  These recruiting professionals will:

  • Initiate profile searches based on specific keywords
  • Send out ‘requests to connect’ to targeted candidates
  • Provide information on a particular job through e-mail
  • Contact candidates directly through LinkedIn messaging
  • Join industry-specific groups to widen networks/contacts

ws-post-1-2So, even though individuals may not be actively looking for work, maintaining an up-to-date profile on LinkedIn can and will attract the interest/attention of employment agency staff who are routinely tasked with finding top talent by and for their employer-clients.  And from the perspective of the individual, one never knows where that unsolicited call from a recruiting specialist might lead in terms of a career opportunity.

Furthermore, it never hurts to be prepared for any possibility and, especially in today’s economy, employment may not necessarily be guaranteed for life.  Posting and updating a LinkedIn profile is a good way to keep one’s options open, and keep a current resume in circulation, in the event of a job loss.

As a leader among recruitment agencies in Toronto, Winters Technical Staffinghas been assistingjob seekers in obtainingfull-time, part-time, or contract-based employment for over 40 years.  Regardless of circumstance, whether the individual is looking toenter the workforce for the first time, to make a career change, or to rebound from a downsizing, Winters Technical Staffing has both the resources and expertise to guide and support them in their job search efforts.

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