Offering Temp Jobs Provides Wide-Ranging Benefits To Employers

Benefits to EmployersFor many small to medium-sized businesses, managing their operational costs is a vitally important aspect to their overall viability and profitability. One of the major contributors to these operating expenses is employee compensation, including such components as:

  • Base salary and overtime
  • Benefits (medical/dental)
  • Vacation pay or entitlement
  • Disability insurance coverage
  • Company-supported training

Many of these payroll-related costs are fixed; in other words, such expenses are incurred regardless of revenue patterns. If or when revenues are slow, perhaps during non-peak seasons or due to the unforeseen loss of an existing client, maintaining payroll costs can place a substantial strain on the financial side of the business. While downsizing and/or layoffs could be options, they too come with associated costs.

As a result, some small to medium-sized employers are now considering/turning to more temporary employment positions, or temp jobs, within their organizations in an effort to better manage their overall operating costs. Through the support of temporary staffing agencies, like Winters Technical Staffing, employers are offering temp jobs to help address or deal with the following types of situations:

  • To meet seasonal demands
  • When unanticipated deadlines arise
  • For one-time or non-recurring projects
  • To maintain productivity during work absences
  • To minimize overtime or appease excessive workloads
  • To provide opportunities for flex hours/work-life balance

There are several benefits to hiring temp employees to fulfill specific types of jobs or business needs. These would include:

  • Temporary workers are compensated by their home agencies
  • Temp workers are available to fill jobs on an immediate/urgent basis
  • Affords the coverage of unexpected absences due to illness or injury
  • Commitments to temp workers are often shorter than contract jobs
    • Note – contract salaries are customarily paid by the employer
  • Temp staff helps reduce paid overtime while maintaining productivity
  • Temp workers usually have the basic skills required for their jobs
    • Lessens the need for re-allocating full-time resources to training
  • Reduces in-house recruiting costs (money, time, people resources)
  • Provides flexibility to maintain manageable headcount as needed
  • Offers opportunity to assess temp workers for future full-time jobs

To ensure that the above listed benefits are realized to their fullest, employers will need assurances that their temp jobs are being filled by qualified personnel. For this reason alone, employers will further benefit by capitalizing on the specialized services provided by temporary staffing agencies in Toronto.

Temporary Agencies Offer The Services Needed To Fill Temp Jobs Quickly

To identify and hire viable and qualified candidates for their temp jobs in the shortest period of time possible, employers would be well advised to collaborate with a reputable and experienced temp agency like Winters Technical Staffing.

As one of the leading agencies in Toronto for more than 40 years, we offer the services and resources at hand to help fulfill employer requirements for temp jobs in a most expeditious fashion. These capabilities include:

  • Recruiting new candidates
  • Access to an existing candidate pool
  • Screening interviews
  • Reference checks
  • On-boarding tasks
  • Payroll administration
  • Addressing performance issues

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