Transportation Analyst

Transportation Analyst Role Offers a Range of Responsibilities and Job Options

When a person mentions that they work in transportation, there might be an immediate association with employment in the trucking industry, either as a driver or the owner of a freight shipment service.  Since many people still use the term ‘transport truck’ in their everyday vocabulary, it is conceivable that they can arrive at this conclusion/perception.

However, there are many types transport-related roles in the commercial and industrial sector that are perhaps less apparent than a truck owner/operator but clearly play a vital role in ensuring that products/merchandise are delivered safely and efficiently within the supply chain process.  By simple definition, a supply chain is the supply-and-demand network that includes all steps needed to deliver a product or service from a supplier to a consumer.

One of the critically important roles in effectively managing a supply chain network is the position of transportation analyst.  From an overall perspective, the fundamental role of a transportation analyst is to develop, manage, and evaluate solutions in transportation systems; efforts are devoted to influencing improvements with respect to:

  • Safety/security
  • Cost-efficiencies
  • Time-efficiencies
  • Environmental impact

Employment opportunities for a transportation analyst span a wide range of industries; a cross-section of such sectors within and outside Toronto and the GTA would include:

  • Retail distribution
  • Food and beverage
  • Public transportation
  • Energy/natural resources
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Rail/ground transportation
  • Health care/pharmaceuticals

Depending on the chosen field or industry, the responsibilities of a transportation analyst within that respective supply chain network could include any/some of the following:

  • Evaluating the efficiency and safety of public transit
  • Analyzing data on daily traffic patterns and volumes
  • Monitoring the movement of goods via GPS tracking
  • Assessing options to identify optimal shipping methods
  • Examining intermodal (rail, ground, cargo ship) routing
  • Maintaining knowledge of cross-border shipping policies
  • Designing contingency routes for weather/traffic delays
  • Studying the effects of transportation options on air quality
  • Interpreting data to help make decisions on future projects

In terms of education, a background in mathematics or computer programming would be an advantage in the role of transportation analyst, along with a post-secondary degree in civil engineering or transportation.  Proficiencies in organizational skills, communication, and project management would also be assets.

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From a career outlook perspective, it has been estimated that employment opportunities for operations research analysts, which includes transportation analysts, will experience double-digit growth over the 10-year period ending in 2022.  Much of this is attributable to advances in technology and their applications in maximizing time and cost efficiency.

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