Structural Engineers

There is a Broad Range of Employment Opportunities for Structural Engineers

Any child, or any adult for that matter, who has played with a toy construction set has in a rudimentary fashion exhibited the skills and innovation that form the basis for a career as a structural engineer. No doubt there are many individuals who can vividly remember the bridges, towers, or fortresses that they created with Lego sets or rubber mini-bricks.

This is by no means intended to demean such a viable career but rather to substantiate its scope and historical importance in the construction industry. In fact, in an elemental or fundamental way, structural engineering has existed since human beings first began designing and building their own structures.

Today, skilled professionals in this field have the capabilities to further influence the shape and stability of many types of construction projects. This is achieved by ensuring that structures are designed and constructed to withstand the stresses and pressures imposed on them through human use and by environmental conditions like high winds, temperature extremes, shifts in topography, etc.

Success in the role of a structural engineer is often predicated on proficiency in a cross-section of skills that includes but is not limited to:

  • Creative Design
  • Math and Physics
  • Computer Literacy/Skills
  • Analysis and Problem Solving
  • Communication (written and oral)
  • Three-Dimensional Conceptualization
  • Collaboration (with other professionals)

Such relevant skills can be applied to construction projects that are rather wide-ranging in terms of both size and scope; some examples would include:

  • Aircraft
  • Roads/Bridges
  • High-Rise Condos
  • Parking Structures
  • Transportation Systems
  • Offshore Rigs or Platforms

In turn, this provides structural engineers a similarly extensive spectrum of employment opportunities within such industries as:





Natural Resources

In addition to the design aspects of structural engineering, individuals working within the field may also be responsible for material selection, on-site inspections/progress checks, identification of any discrepancies between the plan and the build, and final approval and sign-off for the project.

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Agencies May Have Access to Unpublished Job Openings for Structural Engineer

Candidates seeking employment as a structural engineer, whether in an entry-level or an advanced capacity, can certainly choose to conduct a job search on their own time and initiative. However, their urgency to secure a position and the amount of time that they have available to invest in such an endeavour can often be at odds.

In an effort to streamline their job search processes, and potentially expedite a positive outcome, those seeking structural engineer roles may wish to collaborate with Winters Technical Staffing, a professional recruitment agency that has been successfully placing candidates in engineering-related positions for 40+ years.

Throughout that period of time, professional consultants from Winters Technical Staffing have established strong working relationships with employers in the engineering sector, to the extent where they are often engaged by these contacts to help identify and recruit qualified structural engineers on their behalf. In many instances, these hiring needs are not publicly or widely advertised; under these circumstances, candidates may not aware that such opportunities are available and hence may be at a disadvantage with respect to executing a successful job search.

Collaborating with a Winters Technical Staffing consultant can present such opportunities to candidates seeking employment as a structural engineer, thereby offering a wider yet more focused/targeted approach and enhancing the probability of a successful outcome.

For more information on the specialization of Winters Technical Staffing in relation to the engineering sector, including the placement of entry-level and experienced structural engineers, please go to our Industry Specialties page.

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