A Skilled Machine Operator is an Integral Part of the Manufacturing Process

It has often been said, although perhaps exaggerated, that everything done today in the manufacturing sector is run by machines, and that people are becoming redundant.  And this mindset is furthered by plots of science fiction films or prognosticators of the future who would have people believe that machines will one day rule the world.

Although it may be fun to speculate what the world could look like several centuries from now, the fact of the matter in today’s society is that, while automation indeed does play a significant role in manufacturing, people are still an integral part of the overall process.  And one of the most important roles is that performed by a machine operator, a person who is responsible for controlling the actual functioning of a machine or machines used in production of products or other equipment.

In terms of their specific duties and responsibilities, machine operators may be required to perform or complete any/all of the following:

  • Maintain and clean machines before and after each shift
  • Calibrate/recalibrate machines at the beginning/end of each shift
  • Perform tests to ensure that machines are in optimal working condition
  • Load the appropriate type/number of parts into (semi-automated) machines
  • Upload data on production speed and parts shapes-and-sizes as part of set-up
  • Troubleshooting and resolve operational issues that may be affecting production
  • Prepare and maintain activity logs; provide all relevant information to supervisors
  • Implement periodic safety checks, output checks, and tolerance checks as needed

The minimum educational requirement for machine operators is a high school diploma or equivalency; completion of a post-secondary or technical certification program can be an asset for those seeking these types of manufacturing jobs.  The areas of competency for success in such roles would include the following:

  • Mechanical aptitude
  • Time management skills
  • Critical thinking/problem solving
  • Reading and interpreting blueprints
  • Planning, organization, and scheduling
  • Knowledge of computer software (CAD/CAM)

In addition, candidates will benefit from participating in apprenticeship programs in order to complete their certification and achieve full-time employment.  These apprenticeships could be available as part of a post-secondary program or included in on-the-job training provided by an employer; successful completion of an apprenticeship also establishes a foundation of knowledge and practical work experience that can prove to be invaluable to machine operators as they shape their careers.

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Recruitment Agencies Have Wider Access to Machine Operator Apprenticeships

While a machine operator apprenticeship can be a critical step in obtaining the skills and experience needed to enter this field and ultimately succeed in the job, opportunities may not be directly accessible to potential candidates.  Rather than posting/advertising any apprenticeship positions in print or online forums, many employers will use a recruitment agency to identify capable machine operator apprentices on their behalf.

One of these agencies is Winters Technical Staffing in Toronto, a leader in recognizing and placing qualified candidates in manufacturing jobs in the Greater Toronto Area for more than 40 years.  The recruitment professionals from Winters Technical Staffing have built and maintained a strong network of contacts with employers in the manufacturing sector; as a result, they will often have knowledge of apprenticeship opportunities that may not be generally publicized to parties interested in such roles.

Thus, individuals seeking employment as machine operators may want to align their job search efforts with the networking resources and manufacturing industry insight offered by the recruiting professionals from Winters Technical Staffing.

For additional information on obtaining a machine operator apprenticeship through the direction and support of Winters Technical Staffing, a recruitment agency that specializes in manufacturing sector jobs, see Industry specialties

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