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Responsibilities and Requirements for Piping Design or Piping Engineer Jobs

It is highly likely that a vast majority of people are unaware of the detail or design of the system of pipes that carry natural gas and water to their homes, businesses, recreational complexes, and to a host of other facilities within their respective communities. Unless there is a mandated reason to locate underground pipes prior to starting any digging or excavating on their property, consumers characteristically take these delivery systems for granted; they simply expect these important resources to flow on demand every day.

On the rare occasion that a consumer does think about these systems, it would probably be due to a notice from the public works department that the gas or water supply will be temporarily shut off for maintenance or service. It is doubtful that their concerns would extend to the actual piping system design from source to endpoint, nor the professionals who do hold such responsibilities – piping engineers or piping designers.

Although the two titles are often used on an interchangeable basis, the core/root of their job responsibilities can be captured, and therefore differentiated more clearly, as follows:

  • Piping Engineer : uses math, physics, and chemistry to conceive pipe systems needed to transport a specific material (oil, gas, water, sewage) from one location to another
  • Piping Designer : sub-specialty of the piping engineering industry focusing on drafting the specifications for the construction, installation, and operation of any such project

Examining the role of piping designers in more detail, the principal duties within their job description will include a review of the project specifications and subsequent preparation of drawings/schematics to be used in the eventual construction of the piping systems; these drawings or design drafts are customarily created through AutoCAD programs, or computer-aided design and drafting software applications, and will emphasize such vital factors as:

  • Pipe size and material
  • Volumes and flow rates
  • Pressures/stress analyses
  • Potential layout restrictions
  • Automated/mechanical features
  • Piping system supports/fasteners
  • Wiring and control instrumentation

Individuals interested in a career as a piping design engineer or piping designer will need to obtain a high school diploma then complete a post-secondary program in engineering, engineering technology, drafting, or piping design. Prime areas of study will consist of:

  • Sciences and mathematics (algebra)
  • Materials and manufacturing processes
  • Computer technology – design, graphics
  • Computer-aided design/drafting (AutoCAD)

Pursuing an apprenticeship opportunity will also play a pivotal role in acquiring practical training and valuable knowledge relative to the field of piping design; this education may be accessible within the program curriculum of the respective post-secondary institution, or supported by an employer as part of their on-the-job training initiatives.

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  • Understanding/appreciation of compensation levels

For more than 40 years, Winters Technical Staffing has been supporting piping engineers and piping designers in their quests to find employment that allows the best use of their skills; successful candidates have secured entry-level or advanced positions within such industries as:


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