Mechanical Fabrication Designer

Mechanical Fabrication Designers Play a Vital Role in the Manufacturing Process

The terms fabrication and manufacturing are often used interchangeably, in the context that the speaker or writer is implying/referring to the process of production.  Yet there is a difference between these two descriptors; manufacturing should be used in reference to producing many units of the same item while fabrication is the more accurate term when referring to the manipulation of raw materials or semi-finished materials to make the machines that eventually make those units.

Although this sounds rather complicated, fabrication is in essence a hands-on part of the manufacturing process, since many goods can be made exclusively by machines but the machines themselves cannot be made without human input and involvement.

While the vast majority of consumers are solely concerned with manufactured products,any such goods would not be available at all if not for the initial influences of mechanical fabrication designers, the individuals responsible for conceiving the machines/mechanical systems employed in the manufacturing process; for this reason alone, pursuing a career as a mechanical fabrication designer offers a practical and highly-rewarding pathway for those with an inclination toward developing and improving manufacturing processes.

Mechanical fabrication design is considered a sub-specialty of mechanical engineering.  Hence, the minimum educational requirement would be a Bachelor of Science degree in either Manufacturing Engineering or Mechanical Engineering, with particular emphasis on such disciplines/subjects as:

  • Advanced mathematics
  • Computer-aided design (CAD)
  • Steel structure design and analysis
  • Welding (fusion of metals and alloys)
  • Process engineering (industrial processes)
  • Metallurgy (physical behaviour of metals and alloys)

Within the job description of a mechanical fabrication designer, one may find some or all of the following responsibilities:

  • Confirming customer needs
  • Drafting models or prototypes
  • Researching structural materials
  • Evaluating production efficiencies
  • Stress testing/system integrity tests
  • Investigating setbacks/technical issues
  • Preparing production schedules/budgets

To stay competitive and profitable in their respective markets, manufacturers will require skilled mechanical fabrication designers to develop new equipment and redesign existing machines in accordance with the ever-changing needs and demands of their customers.

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Employers Will Use Staffing Agencies to Hire Mechanical Fabrication Designers

Individuals searching for employment, whether entry-level positions or opportunities for career advancement, are most likely aware that such a process can be challenging, time-consuming, and quite often frustrating; regrettably, those seeking mechanical fabrication designer jobs are not exempt from such stress and emotion.

In some cases, these situations may result from the weight of dedicating enough time to the job search while already employed on a full-time basis; in other cases, mechanical fabrication design job openings may not be openly advertised or perhaps even publicized at all.  To help overcome such job-search obstacles, candidates looking for opportunities in the discipline of mechanical fabrication design may want to align their efforts with the services provided by a professional placement agency like Winters Technical Staffing.

Employers will often enlist the services of a recruiting agency such as Winters Technical Staffing to lead the candidate search process on their behalf; this is often due to a lack of time and/or internal resources on the part of an employer.Consequently, placement agency consultants will have knowledge of a broader range of employment opportunities than candidates conducting job searches on their own time.

Such employment prospects might consist of the following:

  • Apprenticeships or internships
  • Jobs at local, regional, national levels
  • Employers with immediate hiring needs
  • Companies that need to expand their staffing
  • Positions that are not posted in the public domain
  • Flexible work – full-time, part-time, contract, project-based

For over 40 years, the professionals from Winters Technical Staffing have supported the recruiting and staffing needs of employers within the manufacturing sector, including the recruitment of mechanical fabrication designers.By aligning their job search efforts with the expertise, resources, and networking capabilities of Winters Technical Staffing, those looking for employment in mechanical fabrication design can more effectively focus and streamline their searches in an effort to achieve a favourable outcome.

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