Machinists Can Play a Vital Role from Set-Up to Manufacture to Quality Control

It would seem that, for as long as there have been machines, there has been a need for qualified operators to ensure that such equipment delivers its intended output.  And with advances in technology, especially in the last few decades, end-users and manufacturers alike now have an expectation that any machine-related output be provided in less time, with greater precision/accuracy, and in higher quantities as well.

Such is the role of today’s machinist, an individual charged with the responsibility to set-up and/or operate machinery that is used to produce precision parts, tools, and devices; fundamentally, this means make more of these goods, make them faster, and make sure that all tolerances are within the permissible limit or limits of variation.

In previous eras, machinists primarily performed their duties in a manual fashion; due to the proliferation of computer technology in more recent history, a significant portion of a machinist’s job is now commonly dependent on and/or controlled by specialized software programs.

In terms of the job description for such an important trades job, some of a machinist’s varied responsibilities might include:

  • Planning the order of the machine’s operations
  • Cutting, shaping, and finishing the final product
  • Selecting/setting the cutting and shaping speeds
  • Choosing the tools/materials for use in the process
  • Programming computer-controlled tools/instruments
  • Performing routine machine maintenance and repairs
  • Monitoring machine performance vs baseline standards

For those interested in a career as a machinist, the minimal educational requirement is a high school diploma; this in turn should include emphasis on geometry and trigonometry as well as drafting and metalworking, based on availability.  These studies would be followed by one or more of these options:

  • Direct on-the-job training
  • Union-sponsored apprenticeships
  • A trades school or community college program

As part of their post-secondary education and/or training, candidates for machinist jobs should develop proficiency in several subject areas, including but not limited to:

  • Mechanical drafting
  • Basic calculus and physics
  • Quality control – calibration and tolerances
  • Computer-aided drafting (AutoCAD drafting)
  • Computer numerical control (CNC) programming
  • Reading blueprints

Machinists are usually compensated on an hourly basis; their median pay rate, based on published data, would be in excess of $20.00 per hour, excluding overtime and bonuses, which converts to annual salary in the range of $42-45K.

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Recruiting Agencies Offer Networking and Access to Those Seeking Trades Jobs

Although the goal of an individual may be to initiate or advance their career as a skilled machinist, securing such an opportunity may prove to be rather challenging; this may be due to their lack of awareness of posted openings/apprenticeships, or that such roles are not advertised at all in the public domain.

Quite frequently, employers looking for entry-level or experienced machinist talent will use a recruiting agency to address their hiring needs.  These agencies, including Winters Technical Staffing in Toronto, have the resources to develop and maintain candidate pools within the scope of trades jobs, thereby making the recruiting process more time-efficient and cost-effective for an employer instead of using their own internal personnel.

From a candidate’s perspective, aligning their job search effort with a placement agency like Winters Technical Staffing provides a number of benefits as well, such as:

Centralizing their overall search activities

Searches will be more focused and targeted

Ability to capitalize on established networks of contacts

Knowledge of unadvertised or non-published job postings

Access to entry-level positions – apprenticeships, contracts

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