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Forklift Driver Jobs Involve Skill, Accountability, and a Keen Attention to Safety

In the movies, forklift drivers are often depicted in a negative light, presented to viewers as either incompetent or reckless or both.  Many audiences have chuckled or groaned at scenes in which forklift operators have driven at a high rate of speed across the floor of a warehouse and crashed into a pile of boxes, spilling the contents on an unsuspecting and somewhat unpopular supervisor.

This of course is considerably contrary to real life.  Forklift drivers play important roles in the supply chain sector, responsible for the safe and efficient stacking and movement of merchandise on a daily basis.  Without the services and expertise provided by forklift operators, the majority of retailers, warehouses, distribution centres, and manufacturers would struggle to remain competitive in their respective marketplaces.

The responsibilities for forklift driver jobs can include but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Ensuring the quality of incoming and outgoing shipments
  • Inventory management – controls, stock rotation, recordkeeping
  • Compliance with safety standards and handling of hazardous materials
  • Unloading and storing incoming shipments
  • Daily equipment inspection and maintenance
  • Picking/preparing orders accurately and efficiently

With respect to the requirements for becoming a forklift driver, there is a minimum age of 18 years to hold such jobs in Ontario.  Furthermore, there are mandatory certification criteria in order to obtain and retain one’s license to operate a forklift; these consist of:

  • Separate levels of certification – theoretical and practical
  • Re-certification must be completed based these timelines:
    • Every 36 months for theory
    • Every 18 months for practical
  • Specialized training programs may also be necessary for:
    • Handling hazardous materials
    • Transporting dangerous goods

Clearly, forklift driver jobs are significantly different than what is frequently portrayed in the movies or on television; in reality, these roles involve substantial skill, accountability, and a keen awareness of safety practices to protect the drivers, their fellow employees, and the goods or materials that they handle each day.  As a result, forklift operator jobs can offer a gratifying and rewarding career, with annual salaries in a range of $30K-$40K depending on years of experience in this role.

A further benefit to pursuing work as a forklift operator is the potential for advancement, should an individual be so inclined; supervisory or managerial opportunities may include:

  • Warehouse or Shipping and Receiving Supervisor
  • Warehouse, Distribution, or Operations Manager

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Placement Agencies Can Offer Support in the Search for a Forklift Operator Job

Although there are certainly many rewards and benefits to pursuing a career as a forklift operator, the biggest hurdle may in fact be getting such a job in the first place.  With the ever-present need for skilled drivers within any supply chain process, the competition for such jobs can be rather intense; not to mention the fact that openings might not always be advertised to the general public.

Consequently, individuals interested in pursuing this career path might not be aware of immediate opportunities for employment, while their self-directed job searches could be rather frustrating and even discouraging.  Based on these factors, candidates looking for employment as a forklift operator may find it beneficial to use the services and resources available from professional staffing agencies like Winters Technical Staffing in Toronto.

For over 40 years, Winters Technical Staffing has been a leader among local agencies in the placement of full-time and contract-based staff within the manufacturing sector and the supply chain industry.  The advantages of coordinating a forklift operator job search with the consultants at Winters Technical Staffing will include direct or indirect access to:

  • Forklift driver certification programs
  • Mandatory health and safety training
  • Employers and/or their hiring managers
  • Forklift operator jobs not advertised publicly
  • Immediately-available employment opportunities
  • Insight/guidance on preparing an effective resume

By capitalizing on the experience and support available from Winters Technical Staffing, job seekers can implement a more focused and targeted search in their efforts to realize a successful outcome.

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