Electro Mechanical Technician

The Role of Electro Mechanical Technician Offers a Stimulating Career Option

The field of electro mechanics is in effect a self-descriptive title; it combines procedures and processes from electrical engineering and mechanical engineering to create devices that perform electrical operations through the use of moving parts.  Within this context, such devices incorporate an electrical signal to create mechanical movement or involve mechanical movement to create an electrical signal.

Some of the early examples of electro mechanical devices were evident in telegraph and telephone exchange/relay systems.  In the modern era, this technology has evolved to produce such innovations as robotic assembly machines and unmanned aircraft/drones.

For individuals with a keen interest in/understanding of electrical and electronic circuits as well as mechanical systems, the role of electro mechanical technician may provide an exciting and highly-rewarding career.  The principal responsibilities of electro mechanical technicians include alignment, assembly, inspection, repair, and upgrading/modification of electronic and computer-controlled parts/hardware, which in turn are fundamental to the success of employers within a wide range of industries including but not limited to:

  • Aviation
  • Robotics
  • Navigation
  • Manufacturing
  • Communication
  • Natural Resources
  • Medical Instrumentation
  • Architectural Engineering

An individual who intends to pursue a career as an electro mechanical technician should obtain a post-secondary education/certification in this field from a vocational or technical school or a community college.  Such programs should focus on the following within their overall course offerings:

  • Electronic circuits
  • Digital electronics
  • Electrical generators
  • Power generators/systems
  • Hydraulics and pneumatics
  • Computer-aided design (CAD)

If available/offered by the post-secondary institution, it would be beneficial to participate in a program that includes co-operative studies and/or apprenticeship requirements, in order to obtain practical on-the-job experience or training prior to seeking employment as an electro mechanical technician.  Such programs offer valuable insight with respect to the role itself as well as the work environment and potential areas of need and specialization within particular types of industries.

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Whether someone is looking to obtain employment as an electro mechanical technician for the first time or wants to further their career in this discipline, it may prove beneficial to align their job search efforts with the skills and resources of a placement agency like Winters Technical Staffing.

Looking for employment in any industry can be rather challenging at times, and finding a suitable position in the electro mechanics field is no exception.  By collaborating with the placement consultants from Winters Technical Staffing, job seekers will be able to better focus and streamline their search processes in an effort to expedite a successful result.

This is due to the fact that employers often use the services/expertise of a professional staffing agency to search for candidates who have the requisite skills to perform capably as electro mechanical technicians.  Consequently, placement agency personnel can have more extensive knowledge of potential job opportunities and more intimate knowledge of the specific skills required by particular employers; this in turn allows placement agency specialists to align candidates with the best opportunities for employment based on their skill sets/work experience.

For more than 40 years, Winters Technical Staffing has been providing staffing solutions, including the recruiting and placement of electro mechanical technicians, for employers within and beyond Toronto and its surrounding area.

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