Crane Operator

Crane Operator Jobs Offer a Variety of Career Path Options

In broad terms, a crane operator is a professional who is tasked with lifting, transferring, and placing heavy loads/material with a delicate balance of speed, accuracy, and safety. The cranes can either be mobile or stationary, conventional or hydraulic, and the work is customarily performed outdoors at such locations as:

  • Shipyards
  • Building sites
  • Docks/wharves
  • Construction sites

Crane operators are required to have good eyesight, excellent hand-eye coordination, and a keen ability to effectively judge space and distance. These skills can be applied in a wide cross-section of employment opportunities, including but not limited to:

  • Warehousing
  • Manufacturing
  • Logging or mining
  • Demolition services
  • Building construction
  • Shipping/transportation

To obtain their certificate of proficiency as a crane operator, candidates must complete classroom studies, either employer-sponsored or through a community college/school of applied technology. The areas of study will encompass both theoretical and practical aspects to crane operator jobs, and will focus on such content as:

  • Terminology
  • Crane job codes
  • Crane safety (OHSA)
  • Basic crane maintenance
  • Types of cranes and hoists
  • Radio-controlled applications
  • Various types of slings and hook devices
  • Special applications (hot metal, magnets)

This would likely be followed by on-the-job training (for employer-sponsored studies) or an apprenticeship period (upon completion of post-secondary studies) in order to finalize their crane operator’s license. In the case of apprenticeships, an educational institution may facilitate placements with specific employers or the candidates may be required to find/coordinate their own postings.

Those interested in pursuing crane operator apprenticeships or securing employment as a crane operator (entry-level or experienced) may be able to expedite their job search success by capitalizing on the industry insight and job placement resources offered by a technical staffing agency like Winters Technical Staffing.

The staffing specialists from Winters Technical Staffing have established strong working relationships with companies in several industries who require skilled crane operators. Based on these connections, Winters Technical Staffing will often have information on a range of available apprenticeships or employment opportunities, and notably those that may not be advertised or accessible through public channels.

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Demand for Crane Operator Jobs Provides Viable Earning Potential

It is quite likely that the job of crane operator does not top the list of career aspirations for a majority of young children. However, when those children reach the point of their lives when embarking on their working career becomes a reality, they would be well advised to consider a crane job as their profession. Certified crane operators are in comparatively short supply, and as a result, the demand is high for skills and expertise in this capability. This augurs well for individuals seeking a viable and challenging career as well as current operators looking for new employment opportunities. Data published in 2014 pertaining to crane operator salaries in Canada reported a range of $22.50 to $33.00 per hour, translating into annual compensation of $42K to $62K exclusive of any overtime, bonuses, and/or benefits. Clearly, while a crane operator job may not be top-of-mind for those in the early stages of their lives, such roles can, in due time, offer viable career alternatives with good earning potential and should therefore be given their just consideration.

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