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CAD Drafter or Operator Jobs Provide the Basis for Stimulating, Rewarding Careers

The profession of technical drawing, or drafting, has certainly changed with the proliferation of computer technology.  For many years, drafting encompassed hand-drawing of technical schematics or plans in two-dimensional form, in turn to be applied in product manufacturing and building construction.

Today, a vast majority of product and structural design, development, and/or engineering is predicated on computer-aided design, or CAD, software that permits a drafter or operator to create detailed schematics in a number of specialized fields, including but not limited to:

  • Electronics
  • Civil Engineering
  • Aerospace/Aviation
  • Architectural Design
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Natural Resources/Energy

To create these comprehensive schematics/drawings, the CAD drafter/operator will need to gather, integrate, and consolidate input from architects, engineers, and/or surveyors with respect to such specifications as:

  • Building Codes
  • Physical Dimensions
  • Construction Materials
  • Production Methodology

These CAD plans must not only be thorough but also precise in every aspect, to ensure the ultimate success of the construction or manufacturing process or project for which they are intended.  Consequently, CAD drafter jobs routinely require a high school diploma and the completion of a two-year program at a technical institute or community college; some of the most appropriate areas of study within the post-secondary program would consist of:

  • CAD drafting
  • Hand drawing
  • Blueprint design
  • Geometric design
  • Architectural drawing
  • Engineering technology

CAD drafter jobs can provide the basis for stimulating and rewarding careers; they require a drafter/operator to integrate creativity and conceptualization skills with computer/technical expertise in the precise design, development, and engineering of products or structures.

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Collaborate with Recruitment Agency Specialists When Seeking CAD Drafter Jobs

Individuals in search of CAD drafter or operator jobs, whether entry-level, experienced, or advanced, may wish to align their efforts with the resources and expertise of a professional recruitment agency such as Winters Technical Staffing. Employers requiring the specific talents/experience of CAD drafters/operators will frequently look to Winters Technical Staffing to recruit qualified candidates on their behalf, for a variety of reasons that include:

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As a result, collaborating with Winters Technical Staffing can offer a number of advantages to those seeking jobs as CAD drafters or operators:

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  • Efforts focused on viable employment opportunities only
  • Access to employers looking to fill openings immediately
  • Access to pre-established networks with hiring managers
  • Knowledge of job postings that are not advertised publicly
  • Insight relative to compensation/potential for advancement

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