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Brake Press Operators Play an Integral Role within the Manufacturing Process

Brake Press OperatorAnyone who has ever tried to bend a piece of metal can attest to the difficulty of forming that new shape with enough precision that it looks and/or fits the way it was envisioned. Whether the bending process is attempted by hand, by using vice grips or pliers, and/or by placing the original item in a vise secured to a workbench, the end product just never seems to be quite right.

So imagine the poor quality of any products containing parts or pieces that must be bent into precise shapes if the work is done in such a rudimentary fashion and/or without the proper tools; it is safe to say that the manufacturer would not be in business very long. This is why the role of brake press operator is fundamentally important in manufacturing processes that require this particular type of precision.

By definition, brake press operators produce parts and tools from a variety of materials, typically sheets or plates of metal, through the use of a computer numeric controlled (or CNC) device that can bend, punch, or cut into the material. Some of the more common metals used in forming process include:



Stainless Steel

Hot Rolled Carbon Steel

Cold Rolled Carbon Steel

The introduction of CNC methodology, i.e. computerized production, had a major impact on the role of brake press operator as it significantly reduced set-up times versus earlier types of presses (mechanical and hydraulic). In turn, this helped manufacturers improve productivity and profitability as well as the accuracy/precision of the parts or products; it has also influenced the areas of knowledge and skill required to be an effective operator.

The minimal educational requirement for a brake press operator is a high school diploma (or GED), followed by completion of a machinist technology or machine shop technology program at a community college or a technical institute. Specific courses of study at the post-secondary level should emphasize/provide a thorough understanding the following:



Problem Solving

Mechanical Operations

Computer-Aided Technology

Within a job description for a brake press operator, their primary responsibilities or tasks will often include, yet are not limited to, the following:

  • Selecting the proper tooling based on material type/thickness
  • Setting machine parameters to ensure optimal performance/results
  • Ensuring that all parts/products adhere to dimensional specifications
  • Inspecting and maintaining tools/machines in safe operating condition
  • Operating computer-controlled machinery to complete specific functions
  • Confirm that machines are working at full capacity or adjust accordingly

Due to the importance of producing high-precision parts and products in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner, competent brake press operators can play a significant role in helping their employers sustain a competitive advantage within their respective markets.

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press brake operatorOne of the key steps in acquiring a brake press operator position with the manufacturing sector would be the completion of an applicable apprenticeship program. Although some post-secondary institutions might have knowledge of such opportunities through working relationships with various employers, many brake press operator candidates will need to identify these on-the-job training environments through their own devices.

Unfortunately, these prospects are not always readily identifiable, as they might not be posted or advertised through public or general avenues. In fact, many employers often contract placement agencies to find suitable apprentices for brake press operator jobs on their behalf.

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