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Industrial automation entails the use of control systems such as computers, information technologies, or robots for managing machinery and processes. In the scope of industrialization, it is second after mechanization. There are many benefits of automation, including improving flexibility, reducing waste and operating costs, enhancing productivity, increased safety, and better information accuracy. If science and robotics interest you and you have the skills to streamline processes, you may consider a career in this field and secure a job with the help of a reputable employment agency such as Winters Technical Staffing.

The Role of an Automation Engineer

In recent years, the scope of automation has increased to finance, healthcare, business, and other sectors in addition to the factory and manufacturing industry. An automation engineer needs to identify and eliminate errors and issues with product or software.

Becoming an Automation Engineer

To become an automation engineer, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, computer science, or a similar field. Completing a program or course on statistics, databases, robotics, artificial intelligence, artificial neural networks (ANN), and control systems can be beneficial. Depending on your job and specific role, it may help you to have experience with manual and automated testing procedures.

Like any other field, it is best to have specific career goals and explore the job opportunities available by consulting the experts. At Winters, we have recruitment specialists to guide you and assist you in your job search process. We will ensure you find a good position that meets your needs with a reputable organization.

Certifications for Automation Jobs

Although automation is a new field, there are many certifications that can help validate your skills and help you secure a promising job opportunity. In addition to having a sound technical background in IT, you may consider opting for industry-specific certifications.

IT Automation Engineer Skills

To secure a good automation job, you’ll need the following:

  • Experience in engineering or computer science
  • Learn the tools and languages relevant to the industry you will work in, such as Agile, cloud and DevOps
  • Knowledge of programming languages such as Java, C#, SQL
  • Possess soft skills and technical skills, and understand the software, hardware, systems, and networks
  • Knowledge of operating systems
  • Experience with analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and robotics
  • Problem-solving and analytical skills
  • The ability to collaborate and communicate with other teams and customers
  • Leadership and project management skills to deal with inter-departmental efforts and streamline processes

Responsibilities of an Automation Engineer

When it comes to the IT sector, the job description of an automation engineer may include most or all of the following duties:

  • Identify new opportunities for automation.
  • Install databases and applications that are relevant to automation.
  • Design and carry out QA tests to automatically examine functionality.
  • Run tests for systems, databases, applications, networks, software, and hardware to improve performance.
  • Identify quality issues and bugs in business, service, or development processes.
  • Collect requirements from customers, clients, and end-users to come up with the most suitable automation solutions.
  • Collaborate with other units or teams to understand how automation can help enhance performance and workflow.

Top Industrial Automation Jobs

Although automation jobs typically combine science, engineering, and IT, it helps to have industry-specific skills to secure the position you want. Here are the top automation jobs that you need to know about, so you can focus on specialty training:

  • Automation Systems Engineer
  • Automation Project Manager
  • Automation Design Engineer
  • Automation Application Engineer
  • Software QA Automation Engineer
  • Test Automation engineer
  • Automation Specialist
  • Cloud Automation Engineer
  • Automation Technician

Common Automation Tools

Automated testing software is the most used software when it comes to automation engineering. The tools are designed to help businesses integrate processes, automate alerts, and test automation processes in an organization. In addition to this, they can also help solve problems and deliver reports more accurately. A few of the highest-rated automation software for testing are as follows:

  • Testim
  • UiPath Robotic Process Automation
  • Cypress
  • Rainforest
  • LambdaTest
  • PractiTest
  • pCloudy

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Frequently Asked Questions about Automation Jobs

How Can I Start a Career in Automation?

It is best to learn the fundamentals by pursuing a bachelor’s degree if you want to establish a career in the automation industry. Then, choose your field or specialty according to your educational background and interests to find a good automation job and advance your career.

What are the Different Types of Automation?

Depending on procedure outcomes and output, there are three types of automation – fixed, flexible, and programmable. In addition to this, some additional forms of automation are industrial, integrated, computer-aided manufacturing, robotics process, cognitive intelligence, and conversational.

What is the Demand for Automation Engineers?

An automation engineer’s job responsibility is to create hardware and software solutions that facilitate functions without human interference. This is why there has been an increasing demand for automation personnel across industries. As a qualified individual, you can easily find a rewarding job in the field.

Which Industries are Impacted by Automation?

With advancements in technology and preference for quick, accurate, and more streamlined processes, automation has a significant impact on many industries in addition to the Information Technology sector. This includes transportation, manufacturing, construction, packaging and shipping, customer service, finance, healthcare, aerospace or aviation, military defence, agriculture, entertainment, and more.

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