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An Aerospace Engineer Can Pursue a Variety of Challenging Career Paths

Many people will likely have heard the term aerospace engineering but most could find it difficult to articulate or define the essence of this profession; this is not intended in any way as a slight to their level of knowledge but rather a simple statement of fact.  In their mind’s eye, references to aerospace engineering may create the image of a large room filled with banks of computer screens on desks and on the walls, upon which numerous flight controllers or flight engineers monitor the progress and performance of manned or unmanned space flights – in truth, this would be an area of application for this discipline.

From a global perspective, however, the field of aerospace engineering encompasses the design and use of onboard systems for flight vehicles, both aircraft and spacecraft, as well as systems relating to missiles, satellites, and weaponry.  Aerospace engineers can contribute their insight and expertise at various stages within these systems, including:





Performance Testing

In general, aerospace engineers will concentrate their efforts in making improvements to the operation and/or performance of these systems in one of the following parameters:

  • Materials
  • Flight safety
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Weight reduction
  • Speed and distance
  • Environmental impact

Aerospace engineers will predominantly work in teams; this is due to the complexities of aerospace systems and the number of disciplines required in their engineering; the areas of specialization within these teams often consist of, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Aerodynamics – the study of motion through air/space
  • Propulsion – means of generating thrust and acceleration
  • Avionics – electrical systems (communication, navigation)
  • Structural Analysis – studying the effects of pressure loads
  • Materials Science – discovery/design of new solid materials
  • Manufacturing – physical construction of aircraft/components

The specific duties or responsibilities of an aerospace engineer can be somewhat diverse, due to the specialized requirements within the aerospace industry.  However, regardless of the particular discipline and any associated responsibilities, employment opportunities are expected to increase across the industry as whole, a result of technological advances coupled with changes in designs and applications for various types of aircraft/spacecraft.

The standard educational requirement for entry-level aerospace engineers is a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering; those wishing to pursue careers in the research and/or teaching arms of the industry should extend this to a master’s degree.

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