How to Obtain an Apprenticeship in Ontario

There Are Several Ways to Obtain and Complete an Apprenticeship in Ontario

How to Obtain an Apprenticeship in OntarioAnyone who has worked in some type of seasonal or part-time position may attest to the fact that those jobs often included very little if any formal training; because these were not permanent roles, the employers could have been reluctant to invest time and money to train temporary staff, preferring an earn-while-you-learn scenario for the length of the work period or contract.

In turn, those temporary employees might have been prone to making mistakes, and to feeling uncomfortable, until someone did take an opportunity to provide a little guidance and supervision; in the end, the jobs most likely got done, as they say, but probably not to the complete satisfaction of the employers or the employees.

However, in the industrial trades arena, including manufacturing, construction, electrical, engineering, and more, there is little to no room to let budding tradespeople simply fend for themselves and hope that someone will eventually come along to teach them how to do their jobs in the safe and correct fashion.  There is far too much risk, for far too many people, to permit this learning to occur at its own pace and in a haphazard way; hence the need for fledgling tradespeople to complete a structured apprenticeship before they are licensed to work or practice independently in the province of Ontario.

An apprenticeship can be described as a system of training the next generation of skilled tradespeople in a particular profession through a combination of on-the-job training and accompanying home and classroom study.  While it is typically a paid position, and thus another earn-while-you-learn environment, an apprenticeship in Ontario (and elsewhere) is highly structured and closely supervised to confirm that the apprentice is learning and performing to established/accepted standards.

There are several methods by which an individual can pursue a specific apprenticeship in the province of Ontario; these would include:

  • Traditional: apprentices find the employers who will provide/support this opportunity
  • Specialist High Skills Major: students follow a career path matched to skills/interests
  • Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program: provides students who are entering Grade 11 and are at least 16 years of age with the avenue toward a skilled trade by working as a registered apprentice while completing their Ontario Secondary School Diploma
  • Dual Credit Programs: students take part in an apprenticeship and in post-secondary courses, earning credits that are applied toward their high school diploma and a post-secondary diploma/degree; credits are also applied to the apprenticeship certification
  • College Full-Time Certification Programs: certificate and diploma programs aligned to skilled trades, offered by various Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology in Ontario
  • Pre-Apprenticeship Programs: training provided to those who do not have their Grade 12 diploma or GED equivalent to help them prepare for an apprenticeship
  • Union-Approved or Industry-Approved Training: conducted by certain unions or trade associations in their own training centres/facilities; the groups hold the Contracts of Apprenticeship with the apprentice rather than the respective employers

It is quite likely that many people will only be familiar with the traditional/direct method of securing an apprenticeship as noted above.  However, it should be reassuring to know that there are several viable alternatives available to acquire the necessary knowledge and training to succeed in one’s choice of skilled trade in Ontario.

Focus Your Job Search Efforts with the Support of a Toronto Placement Agency

Apprenticeship in OntarioLooking to obtain an apprenticeship in a particular trade should be no different than any other type of job search; it requires research, determination, and a focus approach, plus a good deal effort.

Whether the candidate wants to look in Toronto or elsewhere in Ontario, their challenges will be significant.  Not only do they have to find an employer willing to offer and support an apprenticeship, they will probably be competing against several other applicants, and this becomes further complicated if this is their first-ever job search of this nature.

Fortunately, these apprenticeship candidates have access to one of Toronto’s leading job placement agencies, Winters Technical Staffing. For more than 45 years, the staffing consultants at Winters Technical Staffing have successfully supported individuals in their quests to obtain apprenticeship positions in many of the major industries across Ontario and outside the province; these industries include but are not restricted to:

  • Mining
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Power Generation
  • Petroleum Refining

Working with a placement specialist at Winters Technical Staffing offers apprenticeship candidates several advantages over a self-conducted job search, particularly in Toronto’s highly-competitive industrial markets; these applicants can benefit from such insight and resources as:

  • Networking with a wide range of employers
  • Access to non-publicized job listings in Toronto
  • Coaching on appropriate demeanor in interviews
  • Participation in mandatory health and safety training
  • Assessment of educational and/or skills training needs

To initiate the process of collaborating with a consultant from Winters Technical Staffing, apprenticeship candidates are encouraged to join their talent network online.

For insight on the scope of job listings in Toronto and the GTA that are available to those in their talent network, go to our job listings in Toronto page.

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