How Staffing Agencies Can Help Companies Reduce Employee Turnover Rates

Use a Staffing Agency to Make Hiring Decisions That Result in Greater Retention

How Staffing Agencies Can Help Companies Reduce Employee Turnover RatesOne of the key measures in determining the success of a business is its profitability; this is, in essence, the ability of the company to generate revenues that will surpass all costs relative to its daily operation.  There are several ways to influence profitability, including pricing policies, cost containment, and maximizing productivity or operational efficiency.

Many business owners/managers will admit that there are limits to the amounts they can charge for their products/services and to how much they can reduce their direct costs or expenses before they reach the point of diminishing returns.  But what is sometimes less apparent in profitability equations is the added costs associated with decreases in output or productivity, often the result of continual employee turnover.

Employee retention is vital for the success of any employer, as it is a fundamental factor in achieving production and sales/revenue goals and sustaining consistent performance and growth in their respective market.  Furthermore, high or regular employee turnover rates can negatively affect the moods and morale of other staff members and place an undue strain on recruiting and training personnel and budgets.

Regardless of the nature of the business, it is predictable that some employees will leave over time, and unlikely that any company can sustain a perfect employee retention rate; however, there are steps that employers can take to keep turnover to a minimum level.

Of course, perhaps the best way to reduce employee turnover rates would be to hire the right people at the outset.  In the same manner that some turnover will be inevitable, so will be the necessity to recruit; whether through retirement, advancement, departure, or expansion, there will be recurring needs for hiring new staff, and it is the quality of those hiring decisions that can have a direct impact on retention rates.

This is where a permanent staffing agency such as Winters Technical Staffing could be a valued resource to employers.  Based on 45+ years of proven success in the recruiting and placement of qualified candidates, this staffing agency can capably aid employers in filling their precise permanent staffing needs, thus increasing the potential for retaining those employees over time; in and of itself, this can be vital for the success of employers based in highly-competitive markets like Toronto and its surrounding areas.

There are several important factors that Winters Technical Staffing consultants will take into consideration when assisting with the permanent staffing needs of Toronto and area employers; these dynamics include:


  • Cultural Fit
  • Skills/Aptitude
  • Relevant Experience
  • Training/Accreditations


  • Market Sector
  • Business Needs
  • Corporate Culture
  • Recruiting Urgency

When recruiting and hiring permanent staffing, employers have little room for error as poor decisions can have sweeping implications to alleviate or mitigate such concerns, and consequently strengthen their employee retention rates, it would be highly advisable to utilize the assets and expertise of a staffing agency such as Winters Technical Staffing in Toronto.

How Our Staffing Agency Can Help Expedite Recruiting for Employers in Toronto

How Staffing Agencies Can Help Companies Reduce Employee Turnover RatesThere is often an inverse relationship between the urgency to fill a staffing need/opening and the quality of the hiring decision; in other words, the longer a job remains open, the greater the odds that a less-than-ideal candidate will be chosen for the role. And what is a primary reason for delays in the hiring process? That would be a lack of internal staff and/or time to conduct and complete an efficient search.

These latter circumstances are quite common within many employers, and although it is admirable that they want to hire new permanent staff on their own, it might not be the most time-efficient and cost-effective approach.  This is another viable reason to use the resources of a staffing agency like Winters Technical Staffing in Toronto.

Winters Technical Staffing maintains a broad pool of candidates as well as a network of contacts across several skills disciplines and industries.  This permits their consultants to implement targeted and expedited searches for qualified candidates who meet both the immediate (headcount) and long-term (retention) needs of employers; additionally, this helps companies save time and money that can be used elsewhere within their business.

The recruiting and selection steps handled by Winters Technical Staffing include:

  • Identifying candidates
  • Screening for cultural fit
  • Evaluating skills and experience
  • Verifying background and credentials
  • Reference, credit, and criminal record checks

To learn more about the entire range of services offered by Winters Technical Staffing, a reputable staffing agency in Toronto, go to our recruiters & staffing services page.

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