Placement Agencies Serve As Useful Career Strategy For Immigrants

Moving to a new country can be very exciting; in essence, it is a new beginning. It can also be very intimidating at the same time, as new immigrants must adapt to differences in culture, geography, climate, currency, legislation, and perhaps to a new language.

Many individuals leave their native country to seek better employment opportunities and a better life in Canada. Unfortunately, that road to a better life can have several twists and turns, obstacles, and detours. These may be due to several factors, including:

  • Cultural Differences
  • Social Stigma
  • Different Educational Requirements, or
  • Non-Recognized Qualifications and Work Experience.

Placement Agencies can help new Canadians establish their careers by providing:

  • Direction and guidance on establishing a network of contacts
  • Opportunities for re-certification of skills to meet Canadian standards
  • Insight on the current job market and career trends
  • Assistance in building a proper resume and a realistic career map
  • Mentoring on appropriate behaviour within the Canadian culture
  • Potential access to multiple employers and employment opportunities

How Toronto Placement Agencies Can Support the Career Strategies of New Canadians

An placement agency can support the career goals and strategies of new immigrants in various ways. These agencies can provide direct or indirect access to opportunities for career growth and development, as long as the new Canadian job seeker is willing to also consider temporary, volunteer, or internship roles on the way to permanent work.

New immigrants can leverage the resources and relationships of placement agencies in combination with the following strategies, to position themselves for greater success:

  • Use existing language skills – capitalize on the ability to speak different languages to acquire positions that need multi-cultural backgrounds or translation skills
  • Attend language workshops – enroll in courses or programs designed to improve English comprehension (ESL, ELT, LINC)
  • Apply transferable skills – look for jobs/opportunities where you can use existing skills such as planning/organization, time management, accountability, and reliability
  • Acquire new skills – attend training/learn new techniques to open doors to success
  • Build a network – join community or volunteer organizations, sports or social clubs, and professional associations to make new contacts within/outside your chosen field
  • Demonstrate flexibility – consider lowering-paying jobs, manual labour, or shift-work to establish a Canadian work history (and to generate needed income)
  • Embrace coaching – seek professional guidance and advice on proper interviewing practices, appropriate demeanor and presentation, and career counselling

If you are new to Canada and are unemployed and looking for work, contact Winters Technical Staffing, one of the leading Toronto placement agencies, for immediate help. Call us at 1-877-495-7422 or contact us to discuss your employment options.

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