Test Lab Project Lead

Job Type Temporary
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Job Description

Our client in Oakville is looking for Test Lab Project Lead. As a Test Lab Project Lead, you will be responsible for managing individual qualification tests on aircraft landing gears, various components and flight controls.



  • Perform qualification testing such as dynamic, strength, fatigue, environmental and endurance tests on aircraft landing gear, components and flight controls.
  • Write qualification test procedures and reports.
  • Write test rig design requirement for landing gear, components and flight control testing.
  • Direct and assist the mechanical technician setting up test rig and fixtures as well as assisting the electrical/ electronic technician setting up load control and data acquisition system.
  • Other duties as assigned.





  • Proven skills in communication, analysis, project management and problem solving
  • Flexibility and adaptability to maintain tight schedule with energy and self motivation
  • Knowledgeable with test equipment used on aircraft landing gear, component and flight control testing


The ideal candidate will be a mechanical (high level knowledge of motion control and robotic application for industrial test) engineering graduate complimented with proven mechanical aptitude, fluid dynamics, communication, analysis, project management and problem solving skills. The candidate must possess a working knowledge of high speed data acquisition systems and of other industry equipment such as load control / data acquisition system, PLC and LabView operating software, as well as 2-4 years knowledge of mechanical system and CATIA software operation. We are seeking a flexible and adaptable individual who can maintain tight schedules with energy and self-motivation. 2-4 years of related experience in aerospace or automotive industry is essential.


Successful candidates must meet all requirements under ITAR and CGD


Please answer the following to be considered for this opportunity;

  • Do you have mechanical or hydro-mechanical system application experience?
  • Do you have at least 2-4 years of experience programming/operating and troubleshooting of load or position control and their associated data acquisition systems?
  • Do you have experience in product (automotive, aerospace) testing using closed loop systems?
  • Do you have knowledge of instrumentation use in experimental testing such as load, position, strain, pressure, acceleration, etc.?

Please e-mail resume to paul@winterstaffing.com

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