Looking To Attract Recruiters? Build Your Online Resume

Recruitment AgenciesToronto has a large pool of talent vying to get good placements. The job market is flooded with talented and qualified candidates; what can you do to ensure recruitment agencies notice you?

Building an online resume is the first step in the right direction. Leverage this powerful tool and combine it with the ubiquity and pervasiveness of the web to create an online resume that will display your work experience and differentiate you from the competition. The success of sites like LinkedIn and several niche online resume creation tools speak for this trend.

It is where the future is; here’s why we think that having an online resume gives you an advantage:

  • More and more recruitment agencies are looking for candidates best suited to their requirements through social networks. They use these sites to know you as a candidate and check your connections which also serve as references as these could be an indicator of how well you will fit in the corporate culture.
  • Having an online presence lets you network with the recruiters through sites like LinkedIn. It also makes you visible to a large number of potential employers. In addition, recruiters can see your detailed profile and the people in your network who can vouch for you, which also improves your credibility.
  • An online resume helps you to put details in your profile that you might not be able to put in a traditional CV format. Additionally, it gives you creative freedom. For instance, you can upload a video profile or display your work in a visual form. Also, adding relevant keywords will ensure your profile shows up in search results.
  • Your online resume, the groups you are connected to like Tweeter, Facebook, LinkedIn and so on, all of these in combination give you a personality, reflect your thinking, attitude towards work, and how well you present yourself in the social sphere. Creating an online resume will enable employers to gain all the above information about you, and in turn, open up opportunities you may otherwise not have been aware of.
  • An online portfolio is accessible much more easily, saves time, and can be easily customized as per the job requirement. It gives you the flexibility to have different formats and can be updated with the most recent news about you.

Last but not the least; get inspired! There are many sites available that you can use to get new ideas and some will let you use their templates or formats for free. So, go ahead and use them to create a strong online presence.

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