Advantages And Disadvantages When Using A Placement Agency

As employers continue to streamline their organizations, due in part to a need or desire to reduce overall operating costs, the reliance on a placement agency is becoming increasingly popular – by both the employer and by the individuals who are now looking for work and/or who wish to set a new career direction.

From the standpoint of the employer, there is a cost associated with addressing their needs for permanent staffing (time and resources as well as the financial component) and the agency staffing services are often more cost effective, especially in Toronto’s highly competitive markets.

For the job seeker, particularly those who want/need full-time employment, competition for certain positions can at times be quite fierce, due to:

  • A limited or diminishing number of permanent staffing needs in various fields
  • Concentration of those permanent staffing needs in a major cities or regions
  • A greater number of applicants for a limited or diminishing number of like jobs

For such reasons, an increasing number of job seekers are turning to the resources and services available through a placement agency. These agencies are often seen as the best link between those looking for employment and companies who are in need of growing their staff.

If you are considering the services of a placement agency to aid in your job search, it would be beneficial to assess some of the major advantages and potential disadvantages of pursuing this avenue/option.

The Pros To Using A Placement Agency

There are indeed several advantages/benefits to registering with a placement agency. Here are some of the more significant pros:

Economies Of Scale

  • Consolidated research/legwork to help find potential employment opportunities
  • Reduced time (and cost) versus contacting employers one-by-one on your own

Increased Opportunities For Success

  • A wider access to employers – Not all available positions are advertised publicly
  • Faster access to employment – Consideration as soon as positions are available
  • A thorough and up-to-date knowledge of market trends (salaries, growth areas)

Access To Coaching Resources

  • Interviewing skills – Proper behaviour and demeanor
  • Writing skills – Resume content and cover letters

Synergistic Energies

  • Resources/networks that complement your own search efforts
  • No user fees for their services – They only get paid once you have been placed
  • Agencies have a stake in your success – Placing you reflects well on them also

The Cons To Using A Placement Agency

To provide a balanced perspective, here are some of the downsides or disadvantages to using a placement agency:


  • They may not have access to jobs that are specific enough for your needs/skills
  • You may only be put forward for your past lines of work versus new opportunities

Greater Competition

  • You could be one of several agency registrants vying for the same job/position


  • There is no guarantee that all registrants receive the same amount of attention
  • You may not be made aware of all potential opportunities at any given time

Self-Serving Motivation

  • More emphasis placed on filling higher paying jobs (fewer jobs, but higher fees)
  • Pressure may applied to accept a less-than-ideal role (agency’s own success/fees)

Notwithstanding these possible cons, if you are looking for a permanent position within a certain industry, area of expertise, or even a particular company, a placement agency can assist you in pursuing/fulfilling your aspirations. Agencies are usually in lockstep with the staffing needs of companies and their networks, and resources can give you the best prospects for success.

Are you searching for a new job opportunity and interested in working with a Toronto placement agency? Winters Technical Staffing can help you find that fresh start to your new career. Call today at 1-877-495-7422 to discuss your skill set and your areas of interest.

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