A Guide To Survive In A World Of Temping

The market has never looked better for those seeking temporary job opportunities. Thanks to the volatile economic environment, more and more organizations in are opting for temp staff to fill various core and non-core positions. This addresses issues such as budget freezes and restrictions on increasing headcount. However, the economic turmoil has also led to a steep rise in the number of applicants seeking temp jobs. As one of the leading temp staffing agency providing services in Toronto, we can confirm this scenario.

In such a highly competitive environment, how can you turn the situation to your advantage? Following a few trusted practices can help you carve a niche for yourself in the temp job market:

  • Develop skills in multiple areas: Explore a wide variety of roles. Identify the areas that are a natural fit for you and invest dedicated efforts in developing your skills in these fields. The more skills you can offer, the more valuable you become.
  • Know basic office productivity tool skills: Most jobs today require the use of office productivity tools such as MS Word and Excel. Develop your office skills including data entry and typing capabilities, and also learn how you can leverage the Internet to advance your capabilities.
  • Identify your core sector: Develop your knowledge and understanding of the industry domains in which you have a particular interest and perhaps some experience already. Top industry sectors that hire temp staff include retail, BPO, IT, manufacturing, insurance, and banking and financial services.
  • Register with a specialised recruitment firm: Temp agencies have access to a vast number of temp jobs that are not advertised in public forums. Registering with a reputed agency will open up these positions for you. Don’t just mail your CV; call or meet a recruiter to update them about what you have to offer, and understand the options available to you. Cultivate a strong relationship with the recruitment agency.
  • Conduct Pre-interview research: Familiarise yourself with the company you are visiting for an interview. Browse their website. Read up the latest news about them. Research the position they are hiring for and gain an understanding of the skills they are looking for. Provide examples of similar jobs you may have done in the past.
  • Build a references portfolio: Develop good relationships with all your employers and ensure you get a recommendation/reference letter from each one of them. Check with them to know whether they are willing to speak to your next employer on your behalf.

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