5 Tips To Get The Most From A Staffing Agency

When you enlist the services of a staffing agency to find employment, it is important to remember that you are not their only client. Getting a job is certainly a top priority from your perspective, but the representatives of these agency staffing providing services have diverse responsibilities and priorities that include:

  • Multiple clients seeking placement
  • Multiple employers looking for staffing support
  • Fulfilling the placement mandates and contracts of their own employer

Therefore, it is in your best interest to maintain active communication with your staffing agency in general and with your assigned recruiter or placement agent in particular. It is vital that you take ownership, responsibility, and an active role in the eventual success of your job search.

Simply registering with an agency then waiting idly for any follow-up contact or interview opportunities is a recipe for disaster. You run the risk of getting lost in the crowd and being overlooked for positions that could align with your personal needs and qualifications.

Key Steps To Getting The Most From Your Staffing Agency

Taking the initiative to build and sustain a strong relationship with the agency will help you stand above the crowd (above your competition) and give you an added advantage when new job opportunities become available.

Here are five key tips that can help in this relationship-building process:

  1. Use Social Media – Follow prospective employers and the staffing agency (as well as individual recruiters) on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter as a means of identifying potential opportunities and communicating your interest in those positions
  2. Be Flexible – Clearly communicate your willingness to entertain a variety of options including permanent or temporary work, relocation, level of responsibility, and salary
  3. Be Visible – Keep the agency informed of any updates to your resume (skills, associations, certifications) and equally important, changes in your flexibility
  4. Be Collaborative – Help the recruiter with his/her job in general by recommending contacts or resources for other types of roles that they may be trying to fill
  5. Be Open – Ask for advice and insight based on their perspective and experience and be receptive to ideas and suggestions that you had not previously considered

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