Procurement Engineer

A Procurement Engineer is Responsible for Many Strategic Aspects of a Project

By definition, the word procure denotes the act of obtaining or acquiring items with some degree of care and effort. Thus to many people, this word is essentially a synonym that can be used interchangeably with terms like buying and purchasing, particularly if the latter actions are felt to include the investment of time to shop around or compare prices before making a final decision.

This interchangeability of terms can often be the case in the business world too, where it is believed by many people that procurement manager is just a fancier title for buyer or purchasing agent. However, when studied in greater depth/detail, it soon becomes clear that a role in procurement is much more strategic in nature whereas purchasing is one of the tactical/transactional steps within that overall process.

Focusing on procurement as it relates to the field of engineering, individuals in such jobs are responsible for overseeing/controlling the acquisition of technical goods and services for industrial operations or projects. The procurement engineer does not concentrate on the purchasing phase alone but rather has a more encompassing scope of responsibilities that includes such activities as:

Needs assessments

Evaluation of suppliers

Negotiation of contracts

Awarding of the contracts

Managing projects/suppliers

In terms of their specific functions, a procurement engineer might find some or all of the following in their job description:

  • Determination of equipment and supplies requirements
  • Conduct industry research to identify potential suppliers
  • Evaluate suppliers based on products, services, and prices
  • Negotiate contracts/agreements for purchasing of materials
  • Select suppliers; administer contracts throughout the project
  • Assess supplier performance re: quality, cost, delivery, service
  • Identify and eliminate waste and/or variability in the supply chain

The minimum educational requirement for a procurement engineer would be a bachelor’s degree in engineering or in one of these related fields:

  • Purchasing
  • Business Administrations
  • Supply Chain Management

Subsequent apprenticeships or internships in procurement – or engineering-related jobs with cooperative employers would be helpful in providing practical experience; a point of emphasis in these roles would include the use of computer-aided design (CAD) software.

From a compensation standpoint, the annual base salary for a procurement engineer will be dependent on a number of variables, such as:

  • Industry sector
  • Geographic location
  • Scope of responsibilities
  • Educational background
  • Years of relevant experience

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