Pressure Vessel Designer

Pressure Vessel Designers Play Vital Roles in a Wide Array of Industries

Pressure vessels are sealed containers, such as tanks and chambers, designed to contain gases or liquids at pressures that are markedly different from external pressures/forces.  Some examples of everyday pressure vessels would include:

  • Aerosol cans
  • Propane tanks
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Scuba diving air tanks
  • Hot water storage tanks
  • Medical instrument sterilizers

The differences between the internal pressures and any immediate external (or ambient) forces applied to pressure vessels can be rather significant, and as a result, this disparity has the potential to produce some very hazardous/dangerous conditions.  This is a factor of prime importance in the pressure vessel design process, a responsibility that lies with individuals in the aptly-named manufacturing job or position of pressure vessel designer.

Pressure vessel designers must take several parameters into consideration when tasked with creating these containers; such factors will include but are not limited to:

  • Corrosion allowances
  • Maximum fill capacities
  • Safe operating pressures
  • Safe operating temperatures
  • Max/min storage temperatures
  • Country/industry codes/standards

By their very nature, pressure vessels have a wide array of applications; accordingly, the individuals who choose to pursue a career as a pressure vessel designer might seek work in any number of industries, including:

  • Aviation
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Nuclear energy
  • Mining operations
  • Rail transportation
  • Oil and gas refining
  • Underwater exploration

Employers in these industries will often require potential candidates to hold a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, engineering design, or drafting technology. Primary courses of study should produce an in-depth understanding of mathematics, combustion, welding methods, metal properties, and health and safety regulations, to name a few.

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Employers Often Use Staffing Agencies to Recruit Pressure Vessel Designers

Due to the vital contributions of pressure vessel designers in the engineering and safety aspects of these tanks and containers, employers in industries like those identified above will look for highly-skilled and competent individuals to perform in these roles; this is not to imply that other types of jobs are less important but rather to emphasize the need for a dedicated yet expedient recruiting and hiring process.

Consequently, in situations where employers need to hire pressure vessel designers, the search effort can be contracted to professional staffing agencies with recruiting expertise and experience in the field of engineering.  One such staffing agency is Winters Technical Staffing, a leader in the identification and placement of candidates with backgrounds in engineering, including pressure vessel design, for more than 40 years.

Further along these lines, individuals seeking pressure vessel designer positions may find it highly advantageous to align their job search efforts with the professional consultants at Winters Technical Staffing; this type of association and collaboration can provide job seekers with direct access to:

  • Apprenticeships
  • Relocation options
  • Immediate openings
  • Unadvertised postings
  • Employer expansion needs
  • Targeted industries or employers

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