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Plant Layout Designers Optimize Facilities for Safe and Effective Flow of Work

One of the important aspects to any successful manufacturing operation is the capability to generate high-volume outputs in the shortest possible time; the sooner their products are on the market/sold, in the largest quantity/number of units, the greater the revenue.

Although this may seem like a rather straightforward business process to the uninitiated, it is not as easy as setting up a production/assembly line, feeding in the raw materials or connecting the appropriate parts, packaging the finished products, and shipping them to the distributor, retailer, or end-user. There is much more to the flow of a manufacturing process than one might imagine or observe; in fact, without the input of a plant layout designer, the production or assembly process may more closely resemble the erratic or disjointed motions of carnival bumper cars or pinball machines.

A plant layout designer has the important responsibility of planning/organizing a facility or factory to optimize production process efficiencies with respect to:

  • Cost
  • Time
  • Safety

Consequently, an effective plant layout ensures the smooth flow of work by planning and positioning the following in the most effective manner:





Support Systems

Some of the specific considerations that are often encompassed within the role of a plant layout designer will include:

  • Materials Flow – eliminate backtracking or bottlenecks to save time/money
  • Materials Management – ease-of-access for systematic and simple handling
  • Production Flexibility – ability to easily change set-ups for different products
  • Space Utilization – e.g. proper width of traffic lanes, full use of vertical space
  • Communication – systematic location of departments to facilitate interactions
  • Shipping and Receiving – inclusion of satisfactory space to operate efficiently
  • Employee Morale – plant must adhere to occupational health/safety standards
  • Long-Range Planning relative to future expansion or changing business needs

Educational requirements for the role of plant layout designer are typically an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in engineering technology or related technical field. A proficiency in computer-aided design software applications (AutoCad) would be of particular benefit in this role.

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