Planning/Scheduling/Cost Estimating

Planning Engineer & Scheduling Engineer

A Planning and Scheduling Engineer is Responsible for Several Essential Aspects and Activities of a Project.

Primarily, it is the duty of a scheduling and planning engineer to work with the project manager to ensure that a project is completed in the best possible manner with optimum resource utilization. Although their work may seem to be similar, a planning engineer is expected to process and act on the aspect of carrying out plans for a project, while a scheduler is required to be familiar with the Critical Path Method (CPM) of scheduling, understand it, and analyze it accurately.

Although their duties differ with each industry, a planning and scheduling engineer has the following core responsibilities in their job description:

  • Determining the most suitable techniques to do the job
  • Decide the sequence of the activities
  • Drawing plans for the project using designing software
  • Providing technical assistance
  • Collaborating with project managers
  • Ensuring that the plans and designs meet the client’s specifications
  • Supervising the project and activities at all stages of reporting
  • Providing suitable solutions to problems
  • Ensuring the safety of the employees involved

They may also be required to do the following:

  • Travel if required to visit sites and other branches of the company
  • Be available on call when expected to meet deadlines

The minimum educational requirement for a planning and scheduling engineer is a bachelor’s degree in engineering, mathematics, or any other relevant discipline, and an engineering certification. In addition to this, prior experience in engineering management and technical knowledge of computers is also required for many positions.

The following are a few essential skills required for this job:

  • Computer Skills: to use specialized software such as AutoCAD and create presentations
  • Project management, teamwork, and communication skills including verbal and written proficiency, and mathematical abilities
  • Engineering Skills: including an understanding of technical aspects
  • Strategic Planning: to determine the path of a project

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Cost Engineer

Cost engineers are primarily responsible for determining project costs and ensuring that it is completed within budget after considering material, labour, and other related expenses. They also need to decide the amount of time and resources required.

They may not necessarily have a background in the field of engineering, but a bachelor’s degree in engineering is often preferred along with a mathematics or statistics degree.

The job also requires the following skills in addition to the educational qualifications:

  • Strong mathematical background and abilities
  • Excellent judgement and analytical thinking
  • Appropriate and quick decision making
  • Tactful problem-solving and providing suitable solutions
  • Time management

From a compensation viewpoint, the annual base salary for planning, scheduling, and cost engineers will be determined based on several aspects such as:

Educational qualifications

Industrial sector

The scope of work and responsibilities

Relevant experience

Geographic location

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