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Within the Spectrum of Trades Jobs, Panel Builder Offers a Viable Career Option

Although not customarily top-of-mind for the majority of people, electrical service panels have a rather significant effect on their daily lives from the perspectives of convenience and personal safety.  From the common fuse boxes in residential basements/garages to far more elaborate systems that provide the power for such amenities as food production and refrigeration, public transportation, and hospital/medical care, such panels serve the vitally important role of harnessing and distributing electricity in a safe yet efficient way.

One might only imagine the degree of chaos that could exist in electrical systems if there was no structure or centralization to the use and flow of electricity in homes, businesses, industries, and municipalities.  Luckily, due to the skills and expertise of panel builders, such a scenario can remain a subject left to writers of science fiction movies and novels.

A control or service panel is essentially the core, or hub, for electrical installations in any residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal structures or operations.  In addition to regulating electrical flow/efficiency, these panels concentrate all electrical components in one location for the additional purposes of:

Diagnostic testing

Ease of maintenance

Parts replacement/repair

Protection from contamination

Safety/protection of residents/the public

To maximize all of these aspects, a panel builder must design and construct the panel in a logical, systematic, and safe/secure fashion.  While the specific design and construction processes will differ given the needs and/or specifications of an employer or an industry, job descriptions for panel builders may include some or all of these functions:

  • Reading/interpreting schematics
  • Designing the panel size and shape
  • Formulating the layout for the wiring
  • Constructing the panel cabinet/housing
  • Assembly/mounting of all parts/modules
  • Establishing proper relays, grounding, etc.
  • Testing all parts/circuits prior to final delivery

The need for qualified and competent panel builders extends throughout the majority of electrical installations in residential construction and in the industrial and manufacturing sectors; hence, among various trades jobs, panel builder provides a viable career option.

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Placement Agencies Offer Support, Guidance When Seeking a Panel Builder Job

Panel builder jobs can provide entry-level opportunities for recent or pending graduates of post-secondary programs as well as career advancement avenues for individuals with experience in such roles.

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This bodes well for those seeking panel builder jobs in terms of having access to:

  • Opportunities for apprenticeship
  • Local, regional, and national prospects
  • Immediately-available employment opportunities
  • Panel builder job openings not advertised to the public
  • Flexible work options – full-time, part-time, contract-based

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