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Job Responsibilities and Employment Opportunities for HVAC Designers

There will likely be a number of heating and cooling companies promoting and providing their services to the homeowners and commercial property owners in every region within Canada.  And faced with seasonal weather extremes ranging from the sweltering heat of summer to the bitter cold of winter, virtually all private residences and businesses across the country rely on these experts to keep their indoor climates comfortable year-round.

Whenever their services are needed, these specialists are often described as the furnace people or the A/C people, depending on the season/time of the year; in actuality though, this profession is more accurately represented by the acronym HVAC, an abbreviation for heating, ventilating,and air conditioning. Yet whether they are identified by their formal or informal titles, whenever property owners give thought to these companies and to the people who they employ, it is usually in relation to some form of maintenance or service.

Seldom will homeowners or consumers give much consideration to the professionals who are responsible for designing the actual HVAC systems, individuals who are aptly named HVAC designers or HVAC design engineers.

The discipline of HVAC design is deemed to be a subspecialty of mechanical engineering; the role of HVAC designer has a principal emphasis on the design/development of new or replacement heating, cooling, and refrigeration systems. Within their job descriptions, HVAC designers may have responsibility for one or more of the following aspects relative to these systems:

  • Air quality issues
  • Energy efficiencies
  • System installations
  • Environmental concerns
  • Drawing design specifications
  • Project and budget management

Individuals who choose to pursue a career as an HVAC designer are frequently employed by engineering consulting firms or engineering design companies, and their project work is most often related to:

  • Residential buildings
  • Commercial centres
  • Industrial complexes
  • Recreational facilities

With respect to educational requirements, the baseline for HVAC designers is customarily an undergraduate or Bachelor’s degree in HVAC technology, mechanical engineering, or architectural engineering.  Courses of study include an emphasis on:



Systems Design

Fluid Mechanics

Building Construction

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