A Summary of the Roles, Responsibilities, and Requirements for an Electrician

To the vast majority of people, their familiarity with electricity is restricted to plugging in the coffeemaker, recharging a cellphone battery, or changing a light bulb that no longer gives off light. Any other type of electrically-related matter, whether it has to do with wiring, rewiring, or troubleshooting, is usually redirected to a licensed electrician who is known to the homeowner, suggested via referral, or found through an online search.

This latter scenario reflects a rather prudent approach, not because it infers any laziness on the part of an individual but more the result of unfamiliarity or possible apprehension with most aspects electrical. And while this reliance on electricians is commonplace, it is also an incomplete representation of this important trade; by definition, an electrician is a trades person who designs, installs, maintains, and troubleshoots electrical systems in homes, businesses, and industrial facilities as well as in motors, stationary machines or equipment, and/or mobile platforms.

Although an electrician will seldom specialize in all areas noted above, job descriptions for this trade as a whole may contain any/all of the following responsibilities and more:

  • Reading technical diagrams and blueprints
  • Repair/replacement of wiring, fixtures, or equipment
  • Installation/maintenance of wiring and control systems
  • Isolating electrical problems via various testing devices
  • Inspection of components (transformers, circuit breakers)
  • Ensuring that all codes/regulations/standards are observed
  • Supervising or training apprentices on job sites and/or projects

In addition to these specific duties, there are a number of mental and physical attributes that will define a successful electrician; these qualities can include but are not limited to:

  • Physical strength and stamina
  • Good vision and manual dexterity
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • An ability to perform repetitive movements
  • Working at heights and/or in cramped spaces
  • Flexibility to work shifts or non-traditional hours
  • Capability to work independently/unaccompanied
  • Staying focused under hot, dirty, or noisy conditions

A high school diploma or equivalent is the customary minimum educational requirement for electricians; this may be followed by attending a technical school or college program. Subsequent training includes a mandatory apprenticeship program for a period of four to five years, encompassing 9000 hours of supervised onsite work plus three semesters of classroom study; successful completion of a provincial exam is the final step to becoming a fully qualified and licensed electrician.

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There are many who believe that skilled electricians will forever be in demand; let’s face it, based on the current pace of technological advancement and the utter dependence on technology within society as a whole, it is conceivable to think that this trade will indeed be a viable career option for many years to come.

Like the majority of trades jobs, and probably most other career paths as well, perhaps the most challenging facet to becoming an electrician is getting started in the first place; in other words, after completing high school and possibly a technical or college program, how does someone find an entry-level or apprenticeship opportunity?

The answer may lie within the resources and services offered by a professional staffing agency like Winters Technical Staffing in Toronto. For over 40 years, the recruitment specialists at Winters Technical Staffing have been successfully placing entry-level and experienced electricians in apprenticeship programs or full-time positions in a number of industries, including:

  • Robotics
  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation

Consequently, candidates interested in pursuing or advancing a career as an electrician may find it beneficial to align their job search efforts with the seasoned consultants from Winters Technical Staffing, in order to streamline and potentially expedite their quests to secure such roles.

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