A Capable and Competent Dispatcher Can Be Indispensable to Their Employer

When people hear the term ‘dispatcher’, their thoughts might turn to the roles in movies or on television in which individuals coordinate the response of police, fire, or emergency personnel to the scene of a crime or an accident.  And while the concept portrayed in those programs, that of synchronizing the efforts of multiple parties toward a common purpose, is accurate, there are indeed several other types of dispatcher jobs outside of just emergency response units and law enforcement.

Although perhaps less visible than working in emergency services, the role of dispatcher in the supply chain process is vitally important.  By its simplest definition, a supply chain is a dynamic or fluid supply-and-demand network that encompasses all steps required to deliver a product or service from the supplier to the consumer, including:

  • Materials Sourcing
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing
  • Distribution

Within this network, a dispatcher has the responsibility of supporting the smooth flow of materials/products by communicating and coordinating with drivers and other staff (if/as required) with respect to deliveries.  To accomplish this overarching job requirement, the dispatcher must competently perform a number of essential tasks/functions including but not limited to:

  • Prepare daily work and delivery schedules
  • Assess driver demand based on customer input
  • Assign drivers/vehicles to satisfy these schedules
  • Notify drivers of their assignments and destinations
  • Complete and submit all appropriate documentation
  • Assess/investigate routing to identify possible delays
  • Monitor adherence to delivery schedules and routing
  • Maintain all dispatch-related records and information

A supply chain is most effective when all materials/products flow throughout the network in an efficient manner, in relation to cost, time, and safety/security.  In turn, this level of performance is predicated on clear, timely, and accurate communication on the part of the dispatcher at the appropriate points in the overall sequence or process; therefore, a skilled dispatcher can have a significant impact on such aspects of a business as:



Cost containment/efficiency

Customer service/satisfaction

resource utilization

It should be quite evident that a capable and competent dispatcher can be indispensable to their employer with respect to the supply chain process specifically and to operational efficiencies on an overall basis.

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