Avionics Plays a Vital Role in Ensuring Optimal Flight Performance and Safety

The term aerospace is customarily associated with the branch of technology and industry that concerns flight within the Earth’s atmosphere (aviation or aeronautics) and in space (astronautics).  Correspondingly, the discipline of aerospace engineering focuses on the design, development, and testing of various aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, and missiles, as well as the supervision of their respective manufacture.

Independent of the type of craft or its intended purpose, there is great dependence on electronic systems to ensure optimal and precise functionality and, in cases of manned flight, the safety of operators and passengers.  These electronic systems are commonly known as avionics, a term derived from a blending of the words aviation and electronics.

Avionics play a critical role in numerous flight-related systems, with examples including:




Weather Monitoring

Anti-Collision Systems

The responsibilities for such systems customarily lie with avionics engineers/technicians, specifically in relation to elements of:

  • System design and development
  • Computer programming and support
  • Installation and wiring of instrumentation
  • Troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair
  • Flight safety systems – research, simulation

From a safety perspective, the roles of avionics engineer and avionics technician are vital to ensuring that aerospace flights (whether manned or unmanned) commence, proceed, and conclude without incident or undue consequence.  Additionally, from the standpoint of flight performance, the reliability of electronic systems cannot be overstated, ranging in significance from flight controls and navigational accuracy to the transmission and interpretation of data.

As a result, employers that are either directly or indirectly associated with the aerospace industry will require skilled staff in their avionics roles, particularly those individuals with a strong comprehension of both the theoretical and practical applications of electronic systems.

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Due to the critical nature of avionics jobs, employers aligned with the aerospace industry will frequently have very specific requirements in terms of the work experience and/or backgrounds of potential candidates for such roles.

To this end, these employers will frequently look to placement agencies that specialize in recruiting within the aerospace industry to assist with their avionics-related hiring needs.  One such agency is Winters Technical Staffing in Toronto, a firm noted for their success in supporting the staffing needs of the aerospace industry for more than 40 years.

Therefore, individuals looking to establish or advance a career in the avionics discipline can indeed find benefit from the networking and business relationships maintained by Winters Technical Staffing consultants within the aerospace field; these contacts can aid prospective candidates with respect to various facets of the job-search process, such as:

  • Access to currently-available avionics jobs
  • Non-posted employer needs or expansion plans
  • Aligning skills and experience with employer requirements
  • Employment options – full-time, part-time, or project-based
  • Personal goals with respect to location and salary/compensation

Furthermore, the recruitment specialists from Winters Technical Staffing fully recognize the intricacies of avionics roles and, upon gaining an understanding of a candidate’s skill set and background, can help focus a job search effort toward a specific sector, perhaps one of the following:

  • Airline operations
  • The Armed Forces
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Aircraft manufacturing
  • Research or regulatory agencies

For more information on the support available from Winters Technical Staffing in relation to a career in the avionics field, see our Industry Specialties page.

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