Architectural Engineer

An Architectural Engineer is Responsible for a Building’s Integrity and Stability

Whether a building is just one or two stories high or a towering skyscraper, it must be of sound construction. Regardless of its primary purpose or its interior/exterior aesthetics, a building will be of no value if it cannot withstand the demands of force and weight, not to mention a considerable safety risk to its occupants or patrons.

The burden of responsibility for ensuring the structural integrity and stability of buildings lies with the knowledge and skills of architectural engineers. In essence, an architectural engineer is tasked with applying engineering principles and technologies for the specific purpose of building design and construction.

The overriding areas of emphasis for this engineering discipline include functionality and safety in new-building construction as well as those structures undergoing renovations. Contained within this umbrella is the design of many operational systems with a building, such as:


Mechanical and Electrical

Sanitation and Public Health

Fire Protection and Prevention

Targeted searches by industry or employer

To pursue a career as an architectural engineer, candidates will first need to complete a bachelor’s degree in this particular field or that of civil engineering. Coursework should include such areas of study as:

  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Modern Structural Systems
  • CAD (Computer-Aided Drafting)
  • Construction Methods and Materials

Explicit responsibilities for architectural engineers may include the likes of the following:

  • Meeting with architects to review structural design
  • Assessing load, power, and structural requirements
  • Evaluating environmental, acoustic, and safety issues
  • Analyzing existing buildings for energy/cost efficiencies
  • Ensuring compliance with building codes and regulations

Employment opportunities for architectural engineers are projected to increase over the next several years, based in part on the need to improve existing buildings with respect to their operating efficiencies, as well as the repair or renovation of aging structures or substructures.

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Those intent on a career as an architectural engineer may find benefit in the resources available from a professional staffing agency like Winters Technical Staffing. For over 40 years, consultants from Winters Technical Staffing have been supporting employers in the construction sector in addressing and fulfilling their recruiting needs for entry-level or experienced architectural or civil engineers.

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In turn, these employer relationships in conjunction with the insight and resources noted above can provide candidates with a more focused and streamlined approach to their job search, along with the potential for expediting the process to a successful conclusion.

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