Choosing The Right Staffing Agency

Is the inability to quickly recruit high quality candidates hampering your business growth? Are you unable to focus on strategic business initiatives because the process of recruiting, screening, and training new professionals is consuming your valuable time?

Staffing AgencyEngaging the right staffing agency can help you address the challenges you face in recruiting candidates with the requisite competencies and experience. A good staffing agency will also take on the onus of managing your time-consuming selection process.

The key here is to ensure that you choose the right agency. Listed below, are a few points that you should keep in mind while scouting for an agency. They should have:

  • Expertise in your specific industry: A staffing agency that understands your business domain will be better positioned to connect you with the right candidates.
  • Resume archive of experienced candidates: Experienced, high quality candidates may not be active on job portals. The staffing agency should, therefore, have access to profiles of qualified workers not actively looking for a new job.
  • Focus on quality rather than quantity: A good staffing agency will try to understand the role you are trying to fill and assess candidates accordingly before presenting them to you. Avoid agencies that forward resumes without spending any time or effort in reviewing potential candidates.
  • Comprehensive selection process: Ensure that the staffing agency has a process in place to validate resumes, interview and test the candidates, and screen their profiles to match your requirements.
  • Industry references: They should be able to provide references of clients from your industry. Make sure you cross-check these references to gauge their experience with the agency.

Why Choose Winters Technical Staffing For Your Recruiting Needs?

Winters Technical Staffing has been serving clients from across multiple industry verticals such as Engineering, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Trades, and Electronics for over 40 years now. Some of the top reasons why our clients trust us and continue to engage with us include our:

  • Client-oriented attitude towards service delivery
  • Ability to handle issues quickly and professionally
  • Focus on the quality of candidates recruited rather than quantity
  • Clear metrics to measure the success of our performance
  • Comprehensive candidate testing and screening process

Call Winters Staffing at 1-877-495-7422 or contact us and we will be pleased to provide more information regarding using an agency to help you find a qualified candidates.