There Is A Wide Range Of Jobs Available Within The Manufacturing Sector

Manufacturing JobsManufacturing is more formally defined as the process of converting/transforming raw materials or component parts into a finished product that meets the expectations and/or specifications of a consumer or customer. That is a somewhat elaborate answer and one that is seldom if ever stated by individuals who work in such jobs – usually, that person will just say that they work for Company A that makes or produces Item B or Product C.

But the manufacturing sector is virtually an all-encompassing field – it produces all the merchandise, products, or parts that people need and/or use on essentially a daily basis, and thereby provides a vast range of employment opportunities across many different types of jobs.

For those interested in finding employment within the manufacturing industry, they can either pursue such jobs through their own independent search or combine this approach with the services of a recruiter that specializes in manufacturing placements. One such manufacturing recruiter is Winter Technical Staffing in Toronto.

Here is a sampling of the types of jobs that are found within the manufacturing sector:

  • Management
    • Plant operations – responsible for all facets of the entire facility
    • Production – overseeing the manufacturing process and budgets
  • Engineering disciplines
    • Chemical
    • Electrical
    • Industrial – improving productivity and work environment quality
    • Cechanical – the design and operation of machinery and tools
  • Skilled trades, such as:
    • Electricians
    • Forklift operators
    • Machinists – use of a lathe, drill press, grinder, milling machine, etc.
    • Millwrights
    • Welders
  • Procurement – purchase of raw materials/parts; negotiation of pricing
  • Assembly and packaging – with or without use of an automated system
  • Quality assurance testing
  • Shipping and receiving

Just as the range of manufacturing jobs is far-reaching, there is a widespread scope to the types of industries that can provide such employment opportunities. It is here that a manufacturing recruiter can assist in the job-search effort, through its extensive and well-developed network of contacts within such industries as:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Clothing and textiles
  • Food preparation/packaging
  • Electronics
  • Health care/pharmaceuticals
  • Refining (natural resources)

A manufacturing recruiter has the capability to match candidate talent with specific employer needs. Those seeking employment within the manufacturing industry would be well advised to use the services of such a recruiter to help expedite the success of their searches.

A Recruiter Offers The Edge Needed To Launch Your Career In Manufacturing

For those who are interested in/intent on pursuing manufacturing jobs, the expertise and insight of a recruiter such as Winters Technical Staffing may be of considerable benefit. In addition to extensive networking and long-standing relationships with hiring managers in the manufacturing sector, an experienced and successful recruiter like Winters Technical Staffing has a strong awareness and understanding of:

  • Various skills required for success in manufacturing jobs
  • Specific processes within the respective industries
  • Employment opportunities (published and non-published)
  • Immediate employer needs – from local to national
  • Compensation ranges for the varying roles/responsibilities

Winters Technical Staffing has the capability to recruit for/help staff manufacturing jobs ranging from entry-level to senior management and in either temporary, contract, or full-time roles.

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