Temp Agencies Have Access To Extensive Recruiting Assets

Coordinating the recruiting and hiring effort is just one several important responsibilities that fall under the human resources umbrella within your organization. Compensation and benefits, performance management, health and safety, training and organizational development, and employee relations (to name a few) are also among the many areas of accountability and responsibility for your human resources team.

As a result, recruiting and hiring must, in essence, compete for time and attention within that team, which can in turn dilute or unduly delay any efforts to meet the staffing needs of the company in a timely manner.

Conversely, temp agencies are intently focused on expediting the recruiting and hiring process to supply qualified employees in as little time as possible – and thereby reducing downtime and maintaining productivity at acceptable and requisite levels.

Temporary staffing agencies in Toronto have access to extensive resources and/or assets that may not be readily available to/within your human resources team, such as:

  • Comprehensive networks or pools of potential candidates
  • Immediate access to available personnel who meet your requirements
  • Thorough histories (background/reference checks, accreditations, etc.)
  • Testimonials for these candidates from any previous employers
  • Extensive experience in screening and recruiting
  • Skill and expertise in eliminating unqualified candidates

These types of resources and assets are particularly valuable when you engage a temp agency to quickly find qualified candidates to meet your recruiting needs.

As a recognized leader among temp agencies in Toronto, Winters Technical Staffing has been successfully fulfilling the needs of businesses for more than 40 years.

How Temp Agencies Can Work More Efficiently Than Hiring Staff On Your Own

When your urgency for temporary staffing is in contrast to the time that your human resources team has available to address those needs, a recruitment agency can facilitate the hiring process in a prompt and efficient manner.

Some of the time-related efficiencies that a temp agency can provide are:

  • Removing the need for postings and advertising
  • Expediting the screening process (immediate access to potential candidates)
  • Streamlining the interviewing process (pre-qualified candidates only)
  • Accelerating on-boarding (compensation and benefits handled externally)
  • Minimizing or eliminating on-the-job training time
  • Overall motivation and focus to find the best candidates – quickly

In addition to the efficiencies gained by using a temp agency to address your staffing needs, your human resources department will have more time available to concentrate on the other key functions within its areas of accountability and responsibility.

Are you in need of a temp agency in Toronto? Do you need help with that recruiting and hiring process? Our specialized staffing agency can help you find highly qualified individuals for all your employment needs. Call Winters Technical Staffing today at 1-877-495-7422 or contact us to discuss your specific needs and timelines.

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