Reasons Why Staffing Agencies Overlook Your Linkedin Profile

LinkedIn Can Be Used Effectively To Find A New Job, But Is Your Profile Appealing Enough?

LinkedIn is an excellent tool for networking and job searching. It can also be used to connect you with staffing and recruitment agencies, so that they can view your profile and recommend you for positions suited to your skills. If you have tried this without much success, it may be due to your profile. Is all the information complete? How does it stand up to the profiles of others with similar skills and experience?

What can you do to enhance your LinkedIn profile for a staffing agency?

  1. Add A Photo To Your Profile: This is one of the biggest mistakes made by many on LinkedIn. Your profile is sort of an enhanced resume. When placement agencies browse through a list of profiles, it helps them to be able to see a face with the name. You might feel that a photo should not be necessary to get an interview (and you are right), but in the age of social media, people and potential employers place much more importance on the inclusion of a photo.
  2. Make Sure Your Information Is Complete: You would not hand in half a resume, would you? Fill out all the important information about your skills, education, experience, work history, etc. And take advantage of the apps and wikis that let you add more information to your profile, such as your portfolio, blog posts, etc.
  3. Make Your Profile Public: You would be surprised at how many people do not do this. Unlike Facebook, where you want your information to be available only to friends, the main purpose of LinkedIn is networking. While there may be some reasons you would keep your profile private, for the purpose of job searching, your profile needs to be public or a recruitment agency would not be able to see it.
  4. Add A Great Headline And Keywords: Placement and recruitment agencies may search for potential candidates through keywords. It is important to add keywords to your profile relevant to your skills. A catchy headline also entices recruiters to click on your profile for more in-depth viewing.
  5. Connect To Others: Connecting with others is what LinkedIn is all about. If you are job searching, connecting with recruiters is a great way to get yourself noticed ahead of many others.

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