How Job Seekers Will Find a New Job in 2015

Employment Services Staff Help Address Changing Dynamics for Job Hunters

Job SeekersIt is safe to say the once-traditional approach to applying for work is no longer the norm.  Long gone are the days when a job seeker would scour the newspaper for employment notices, sit at their typewriter and pound out copy after copy of their covering letter and resume, then address and mail separate packages as instructed within those notices.

Several factors have conspired, in what many headhunters might describe as a positive manner, to make job hunting a much less traditional exercise.  Some of these dynamics include:

  • The advent/proliferation of mobile technology in the last 20+ years
  • The outsourcing for agency staffing services to fulfill recruiting and hiring needs
  • Employee movement/fewer years of service with the same company
  • A greater emphasis on work-life balance and non-monetary benefits
  • An increasing preference by employers to hire consultants/contractors

As a result of the above factors, and likely some other influences, job seekers will need to become more familiar and comfortable with new and different search strategies that have now started to emerge and evolve.  To this end, the leading differential job search strategies consist of:

  • The use of social media networking sites, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.
    • By job seekers, employers, employment services, and headhunters
  • Researching potential employers, not just the job or industry, more thoroughly
    • Through online postings/reviews by third parties (rather than the employer)
    • Via employer branding – how companies market themselves as employers
  • Retaining a degree of face-to-face networking and dialogue with employers
    • To prevent job seekers from becoming faceless/undistinguishable entities
    • Can be accomplished by participating in local/regional career associations
  • Active networking versus stay-at-home job pursuits
    • Contacting/connecting with classmates, former colleagues, social contacts
  • Enlisting the services of employment agencies and headhunters
    • Broader access to potential job opportunities through a centralized source
    • To learn about/gain access to opportunities not posted in the public domain

Furthermore, job seekers may need to be more open-minded to employment prospects in fields beyond their areas of comfort and experience.  In other words, versatility can be a key factor in influencing whether an employer/hiring manager would be willing to make a job offer.  Such versatility can be demonstrated by emphasizing transferable skills and experience acquired that can be assets to a prospective new employer.  Such skills and experience might be related, but not limited, to such competencies as:

  • Project management
  • Customer support
  • Information technology
  • Technical writing

Keeping this willingness to adapt in mind, individuals seeking new employment in 2015 may be interested in pursuing opportunities in the following industries that many experts have identified as currently having the highest growth potential:

  • The finance sector
  • Leisure and hospitality
  • Education and health services
  • Professional and business services

Whether interest lies in securing a new job in one of the above-noted sectors or another area of preference, it will be important for job seekers to stand-above-the-crowd in the eyes of hiring managers.  Recruiters and headhunters from staffing agencies such as Winters Technical Staffing would suggest that job seekers embrace any and all of the following strategies as a means of achieving that level of influence:

  • Personalize covering letters and resumes for each prospective employer
  • Prepare extensively for interviews – the job, company, products, markets
  • Prepare, maintain, and update an online profile (and keep it professional)
  • Assess company culture through networking/research – is there a good fit?

Indeed, job hunting is changing from a once-traditional stay-at-home approach to a non-traditional dynamic that includes:

  • Technological advancements
  • Emerging and evolving strategies
  • Networking (both online and in-person)
  • Third party resources (employment services)
  • Access to more extensive background information

Managing any/all aspects of this dynamic may best be achieved through the professional guidance of employment services personnel, such as the recruiters and headhunters from Winters Technical Staffing in Toronto.

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